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I'll set the scene.

I knew some people from my local pub that were moving house and wanted a hand with transport. I had access to a transit so offered to help.

Went round to help them move, on the way into the house met their daughter (legal) and thought, first impression, nice tits I'm gonna shag that! 12 years later we are still married.

Time warp 12 years later, sat on a bus today, not really paying attention. Pulled up at a bus stop, casual glance at the oncoming. One caught my eye just for the size of her chest "Yep she's worth it" I said to myself. Only untill she got on. Built like Big Daddy (And he looked better in Lycra) and a face like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle.

Has anyone else been caught out like this?
The good old faithfull .... " Nice from far, but far from nice !!!! " ..... or was it more of a body from Baywatch with a face from Crimewatch ???


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CQMS said:
No, I never take the bus.
You do when you have a skin full of last nights vodka!

When I was sat with my mate.

"Oh, I'd tap that."
"Really Quigs?"
"Thats my sister."
"........ oh fuck."
I think the correct term for this condition is called MAMNESIA. Where one finds ones self purely centered on the breastige on display,rather than ones over all surroundings,and physical appearence,etc.

The older I get the more I have found myself suffering from this terrible affliction,in fact breast size does not even come into it,just a glimpse of cleavage will set off a bout off mamnesia these days.
I used to be short sighted (Had laser eye surgery) and you would see a really nice blond with with what looks like a great body, whistle at her and she charges at you, turns out his name was frank and he was a lorry driver from sweden.


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I've come across a few 1664 girls before. Its not a reference to my needing Kronenburg beer goggles to find them attractive, but more that upon first glance they appear to have the body of a nubile young girl then turn out to be a middle-aged wench.

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