First house

hi i get my first house on friday. And was wondering about energy supliers. Do i need to contact the old one or just contact my new one and they will sort it all out for me?
Also BT do i need to tell them i dont want a phone line?

Greatful for any help.
if you buy a house you need to set up a contract with any company - eg water phone gas electric. Google something like moneysupermarket.con for best deals in your area

the previous owner will presumably have told all the companies that they are moving and what date to turn energy supplies to the property off
is your house a new build?
if not it will already have a current supplier be it not activated but there should be mail inside saying who the last provider was.
it is up to you which provider to use thou, since you havent started any account with a energy supplier before you would be best off going to comparison web sites (take your pick) as there are some good deals to be had by pickin and choosing youir suppliers.
bt wont fit a phone line if you dont ask them to. so dont ask and you wont get!
The house isnt new build. I have had a look on the net but there just seemed little information regarding first time buyers. I thaught if i didnt have a contract with anyone they wouldnt be able to make me keep the old one.
But then that sounded far to simple. Thanks anyway.
N power seem like the best of a bad bunch for my needs.
yes that is right if you havent a contrqact with any one else you dont have to stay with the original one. you just need to know who was supplying so you can inform the new suppler who was supplying in the past
Make sure you take readings of all the meters and get someone to witness them as correct, as soon as you move in. Just incase the last occupant, didn't close off and pay his old providers, when he moved out. You don't want to be fighting off any previous debtors !
Yeah going to check them as soon as i get in. Ive me tthe guy a few times and cant see him doing it any way. Ex squaddie with a family. Seems like a genuine enough guy.

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