First HERRICK 14 unit leaves Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 31, 2011.

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  2. And in other news....soldiers are eventually allowed home from tour.
  3. Do they get a speshul medal for being first?
  4. Jesus! These feeds are getting desperate now! :roll:
  5. You know you can put it on Ignore?
  6. It's good to be reminded that there is a website where you can get facts rather than smart-arrsed opinions from armchair 'warriors'.

    For the record, armynet actually has a link to arrse - so clearly they both have a place.

    p.s. For some it is a handy reminder of how quick their tour is coming up.

    And to the dumb **** who replied to the thread 'You know you can put it on Ignore?' - you don't need software to ignore something, just a brain connected to your spine!
  7. Tell me, are you so shrill and brittle in real life? Do you get punched in the head frequently? 'For the record', you are a gibbering monomaniac. I wonder what your colleagues make of your state of mind - not much, I suspect.
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  8. I can't believe that I am leaping to the defence of MoD media and communications, but if "First HERRICK 14 unit leaves Afghanistan" is not sufficiently interesting for your sophisticated tastes, don't fecking click on it.

    Good luck to 20x.
  9. Do our Guys really need reminding?

    Stickman... "Don't forget we're leaving for the warm, dusty place, tomorrow"

    Tom..."Bugger, I thought we were leaving next month"

    I've got a Brain connected to my Spine and a big pair o' Balls, too!
  10. The other posters seem to struggle to ignore something they don't find 'interesting' or relevent, feeling the need to jump on their internet steed and do battle with their trust keyboard.
  11. What? You have your brain connected to your spine and your balls? Blimey, you sound like a right odd looking bloke!
  12. Did you ever work out where to stow your 'combat' tourniquet, despite your being REME? Could you persuade someone to tighten it around your neck until your eyeballs explode?
  13. Not been childish, or wanting to derail the thread, I'll just welcome 3 MERCIAN's B Company home. Lets remember what's important.

  14. Whoa, even the Jewish ones?
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  15. Naw, Mate, normal really....4ft 11in, 23st, 29in inside leg and 42in waist...sun bronzed adonis but smells like an old Polecat!