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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by nomadcelt, Jul 27, 2004.

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  1. So noone here with any actual first hand experience then?

    The guy may be punchy and he may be arrogant. But I tell you numnuts something. He makes shit happen.
    The only reason people should fear him is if they are lazy cav twats or people not pulling their weight. If are good at your job and pull others up with you then you'll have his utmost respect.

    For those of you in 12Mech who had a problem with him, it's not sodding surprising your canada experience was cack. You made it that way. So you had to tab a huge distance. You're bloody infanteers, deal with it.
  2. and what exactly prompted that little 'teddy out of the cot' moment?


  3. Regimental Pride
  4. I'm sure we all have first hand experience of something. What the Fcuk are you referring to?
    What guy?
    Who's 'utmost respect'?
  5. Ive got plenty of first hand experience, normally the right one. :wink:

    But what you on about. please explain in calm simple terms.

    I dont start a book half way through so please give us the rest of the story or direct us to the right forum so we can catch up. :)
  6. I think the poor man is referring to the "new GOC" thread but is unable to communicate properly. Is that like going off half-cocked? :lol:
  7. yes,

    the comment was, indeed, meant about the GOC comments and was actually more of a reaction to the bit about KOSB. Some all regimental pride coming out there, I'm afraid. I clicked New Thread instead of the Post Reply. My mistake. Will adjust these bi-focals in future.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Obviously from the Infantry. Can't read or follow simple instructions. Hope you don't make the same mistake with your safety catch. Mind you with all that 'First Hand Experience' you are obviously infallible...
  9. Should have tried harder at school...