First Football Manager Casualty of 2007 Season

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slipperman, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. FFS! Carlisle Utd sack their manager Neil McDonald "for football differences" as the Board has lost confidence in his ability as a manager.
    Not a bad start to the season: P1 W0 D1 L0 F1 A1 Pts 1.
    Is this some sort of a record? :x
  2. It cant be football related after finishing in the highest league position last season (i believe) and drawing his first game. Hope he wasnt playing away with the Chairmans missus :roll:
  3. Iron,
    The CUFC unofficial website is suggesting exactly that - perhaps not with the Chairmans other half, but possibly with an un-named female within the club. If true, I hope she was worth it! :cyclopsani:

    PS: Out highest ever league position was top of the old Div 1 (pre-Premier League days) when we were top of the League after winning our first 3 games. If memory serves me right, we only won another 1 all season and finished next to bottom (only Luton below us). Happy days!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Didnt the Chairman see UFO's?
  5. That was the chairman about 3 back - Michael Knighton. A complete c*ck who also tried to buy Man Utd at one time - you may remember him making a c+nt of himself playing "keepy-uppy" with the ball on the pitch before a game at Old Trafford?
    Hopefully he has now been abducted by Aliens and never crosses the Cumbrian border again. :x
  6. Not sure. Steve Claridge got sacked from Millwall after 20 odd days... don't think they even played a game during that period (summer)
  7. Bloody hell Carlisle might of won something at last, Are they in the record books Slipperman :?
  8. They have 'won' relegation a few times IRON :D
  9. The record belongs to Leroy Rosinior, who took charge of (Bristol City I think, but don't quote me) 20 mins before a boardroom takeover and was promptly sacked. 20 mins in charge of a club
  10. I think Leeds will beat everyone to that this year mate, well youve got to hope :D

    I didnt realise Carlisle had a football ground, I thought it was a load of dockers kicking a tin can round the port on a Saturday afternoon. :D
  11. Didn't it float away in them floods a couple of years back?
  12. Yes it was Leroy Rosenior but it was ten minutes and Torquay FC who dispensed with his services.

    I expect he barely had time to decide where to put his League Cup losers' medal in his office...


    "Job? What job?" [/align]
  13. Many thanks cuddles for correcting that.
  14. Nice to see the inevitable slagging off has begun! :D

    I remember in the 2003 Season travelling up the M1 to Scunthorpe for a midweek League 2 game (I was serving in the Midlands at the time) and I was meeting up with a mate in Donny to take him to the game. He's a Donny supporter, so wanted to go and see a real football match!
    The match was called off about half an hour before kick off due to bad weather (Fog & ice I think), but I reckoned it was because Scunny didn't have any floodlights installed or couldn't afford the leccy bill!
    Anyway, great to see you in the Championship this season and I hope you do the small clubs proud.
  15. Cheers for the support and dont worry all 5000 of us loyal supporters gave a tenners worth of 50 pence pieces each to help out with the electric meter. A point away at Charlton (Championship favourites) for the first game is great. Come on the IRON