First Flight of new Lynx

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by PE4rocks, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Catching up on my RSS feeds;

    Source: Flight Global
  2. You might wish to retitle this thread to read "First flight of re-engined near 20-year-old* Lynx".

    Just a thought.

    * OK, 17 then.
  3. Will it now carry a fully equipped section then?
  4. Nice to see an improvement in performance but why can't Westlands get it into their heads that Lynx (as good as it is) is just too small!
  5. Because we keep saying we will make do with what is offered.

    The Mk9A. How to make an ugly aircraft even uglier :roll:
  6. But 37% less wheezie, Flash. Get with the programme.

    TBH, it was never pretty back in '92. Still, it gave Wastelands a chance to flog a few more Whirlwind oleos............. :lol:
  7. Jesus H Christ, what have they done. I understand the reasons for the upturned exhausts, but could they have made them look a little less like his 'n hers toilet seats!! Does anybody know what the sandfilters look like? And 37% of f**k all is still f**k all!!!!
  8. I bet it's still got fcuking tri-wings.
  9. Sand filters are integral to the system and are already fitted.
  10. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    They have taken a pretty but out of date cool looking helicopter, lobbed it through a magnitic field full of gay and useless add ons and made it look laughable, gay and completely uncool.

    At least the Mk 7 looked the bollox, despite being undies, this now looks gayer than a grob with bronski beat underslung
  11. ohh the armys getting 34 of these super helicopters what will they do with such a vast number of not very big helicopters :roll:
  12. Will it perform a useful function or is it a waste of space and money?
  13. Funny that,I flew in one from Lisburn,to Derry,with the GOC NI,on a show-off trip in 1978?

    Thats um ?????????????????? :roll:
  14. Nope. We're converting our current Mk9 fleet (21) to 9A standard and then getting Wildcat sometime in the future (2014ish). Mk9A and Wildcat are different aircraft (err, not that different though ;) ). The 9A is an interim step to at least give the old Lynx a bit of capability in theatre. What do you suggest we do with no money? Knit them? Better than fuck all imho.

    It means we will be able to put Lynx in theatre. That on its own may not seem like a massive step but it will allow SH to do SH things instead of some of the hashed up roles they are currently doing.
  15. Thankyou. As I understand it that at least gives 21 more available/ servicable helicopters. That has to be an improvement even if they aren't perfect for many tasks?