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"First" Female Commando


Book Reviewer
Naming no names, obviously, but does anyone know how she is getting on?
You mean Jane? Ah, she's cool. Lovely girl. Transferred to 48 Para and is now on active service in Narnia. But shhhh. Careless talk costs lives what what?

Father_Gundulph said:
Do you mean THIS ONE... from 6 years ago... :?

Erm... she passed :roll:

Yes, im aware she passed :roll: , i was wondering if she is employing her commando skills anywhere and if any ARRSERS had crossed paths with her since.
I understand that she is practicing cliff assaults with a Sykes- Fairbain between the teeth, she's finding it hard to find volunteers for the throat slitting at the end though, I can pass your details on if you like. :roll:

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