First Fam coming up

Just wondering what advice anyone could give for my Fam weekend. I'm particularly interested in clothes to wear, such as the instructions for clothes to get dirty in, and clothes for the Mess.
Combat type clothes are good to get dirty in, particularly CS95s (unless you have been specifically told not to take uniform). As for the mess that really depends on where you are going. You should have been given joining instructions that will help you with this. In the mess at our CTC you can get away with jeans and a polo shirt.
suggest you dont go commando as this in some corps/regiments is a prelude before taking a crumpet up the behind. leapfog is one sport that is allowed on the visits and was 1st started by Lt. The Hon. George Colthurst St Barleigh MC in WW1.
I've been asking around the detachment. Instructions for mess dress are collar and tie, and I was recommended the fancier the better, so I'll suit up for that. Clothes to get dirty, I was told boots or trainers, jeans, and whatever.
Get a grip. You're going to be a youth leader. Nothing more. Why on earth does your first contact with the ACF involve you having to worry about mess dress? You should be more concerned about the time commitment, using your skills, realting to the young people etc.

I'm not having a go at you, its the ACF. Priorities. They're all wrong.
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