First ever football walt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dan1vikings08, Mar 9, 2011.

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  2. Watched a program on football walts the other day, there was one italian who scammed like 4 teams in wales, claiming that the italian FA had recommended him and that he had been on loan to rangers and sheffield wednesdays previously, turned out he had made up this person from the italian FA, and still managed to play for all these teams.. They all sacked him becuase he was TERRIBLE at football, he claimed he only did it because he loved playing football. Crafty..
  3. Supporting Millwall I have witnessed 11 football walts regularly over the years

  4. Rooney in an England shirt?
  5. Gordon Ramsay?
  6. Thats the one fella, scrawny little bastard with bad facial hair
  7. What a prcik he was, gave the sob story and all.
    It was funny at the end where they caught him out, and he's like yeah im sorry its all stopped now. The next day she gets a voicemail from him calling her a bitch and what not. What a cnut
  8. WWII Saw the first football walts. Due to the slight inconvenience of a war taking up manpower and causing some minor travel hiccup's footballers 'Professionals' of the day often guested for other clubs whilst stationed away from their pre-war clubs. Quite a lot of talented servicemen were also turning out for various clubs around the country. As there was no way of confirming how good someone was when they tipped up at the clubhouse there were a few instances of players stepping way above their skill levels.

    (I don't have a link - there was a programme on BBC not long ago. I can't remember what it was called as I was mostly smashed out of my tiny mind. I'll sink a couple of pints and see if I can remember it.)
  9. In 1980 I played for the US 82nd Airborne Division 'soccer' team and we had a walt. One of their padres, about 60 years old at the time, assured everybody he used to play professionally in the 1st Division (as it was still called then) for Totts. After about 5 minutes we figured out he meant Spurs which set the bullshit detector flickering. As it turns out he was feckin' terrible, but still better than half the players on some of the teams we played against.

    (I am not a para, never have been a para and am a confirmed hat (although nowadays that would be a woolly hat). Before anyone starts.)