First dressing down by Glasgow !!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sillyboy, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. :D Now I understand a bit more about the bitching about our pals in the North !!

    About 6 weeks ago I phoned Glasgow to volunteer for a third tour, usual script, just expressed an interest in attending another Herrick and was available from this Spring onwards, was told on the phone that a few things had changed and Id need to sign a form at my local AFCIO and it would be squared away. Couple of weeks later a letter arrived telling me to go to my AFCIO at my convenience to sign said form that had been delivered to them, I was in the middle of a big move so left it a couple of weeks, lost the form ( :oops: ) but went into the careers office recently to explain, chap on the desk had a root round, no forms, rang Glasgow this morning who told me to expect a new letter detailing me to attend the careers office and her closing statement was....after hearing some nasally impaired Scottish bloke in the background telling her what to convey......(trumpets play!!)

    "If you do not turn up this time the offer for any further service will be revoked and your "invitation" to deploy will be cancelled" Speechless ? Me ? Very much so, I told her I had applied to deploy, I had gone to the careers office as requested albeit minus the letter but with all forms of I.D. then I phoned Glasgow to tell THEM their forms had apparently not arrived ! Her answer after ANOTHER brief consultation with her guardian angel on her shoulder was....

    "Again Mr Reni if you do not turn up this time the offer for any further service will be revoked and your invitation to deploy will be cancelled, as you can appreciate we have spent a lot of time on this for you!!"
    I fair felt my heels slowing coming together and my shoulders bracing ! :D I told her thanks and that was that.

    Did I miss a meeting somewhere ?


    Confused, of Manchester.

    (Was quiet refreshing though, It took me back !) :)
  2. Don't forget that in this day and age we work for the civvies or at least thats what they tell me. All I can say is bring back the old days when Glasgow was all military
  3. I dunno....she sounded hot when she got angry...nothing like a bird with a well tuned B and H voice machine gunning you verbally in Jockanese ! :D
  4. Kill her. Bum her first though, then kill her, oh yes, kill her family as well.
  5. Offer to send her a picture of your c0ck, if shes says no call her a lezza and go down the pub...
  6. Write to your MP about it. Tell your MP about the sorry state of affairs in Glasgow and how overworked the poor (Jobs for Life) civil servants are, so overworked it's leading to an unusual occurrence of incompetence from said civil servants, causing a shortage of recruits in our armed forces.
  7. now that would make a great story to the paps!
  8. Nice, all well and good until the relevant person decrypts my story and it is essentially a nullifying tale of an ex soldier who got teary eyed because a civvy was misunderstood and told him off !! :D
  9. I know, I know, anyone need an ACF instructor ?? Someone who preferably isnt that mad on CRB checks ??
  10. Actually you might find the opposite happens and suddenly everything to do with you is handled efficiently. Civil servant bosses don't like being embarrassed by MP's.
  11. I know two of the women who work in there and they would only qualify as hot if you counted the potential thermal energy released when the fat in their pasty bodies ignited.
  12. Class ! I could almost feel her pasty skin on my cheek as she rasped away at me ! :D
  13. I'd be telling the dappy bint in Glasgow that she can foxtrot oscar to aghanistan instead!
  14. Woah there big fella you're playing a lottery. Have you been up there lately man?! Some rather nice looking fillies with the remainder looking like a Michael Jackson video. :D
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The nice looking fillies are those on a day trip from Edinburgh :D