first days at catterick!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by booch1988, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. i understan that on your first days of catterick basic training, you will do a medical and physical could anyone tell me what this entales and what happens if i only do 38 press ups in 2 minutes and the required is say 46.

    any help would be great, im starting to worry now. i dont want to get deferred when i start basic, im sure this goes through everyones mind, and any answer to this will benifit a lot of people as well as my self.


  2. I start on the 27th of this month if it helps....
  3. remedial pt???
  4. yes also i have chipped teeth will they defer me for this?
  5. waaaah?
  6. Only if you break the skin while fellating your DS. Remember, health and safety isn't a dirty word, unlike your dental state.
  7. some one said on the first days of catterick basic there is a dental medical...
  8. There is a dental!
  9. so what would you fail the dental for? getting teeth fixed even on the NHS is really expensive!
  10. You won't fail the dental. They'll ascertain the condition of your teeth and sort any problems out.
  11. I hope they don't fail you on dentals. I have only just noticed receeding gumlines on mine LOL! No gum disease though. Its from my damn piercings rubbing the gum/enamel.

    Only 28 days to go now... I can't help but worry over silly things:(
  12. What the f??? As said above you can not fail a dental, if your phys is sh1t then you need to work hard or if you fail too many pft's you'll get back squadded.
  13. booch1988: Get used to remedial PT,

    you won't be the first & certainly not the last who has concern's & the DS staff will point you in the direction of those lovely 'kind' gym staff,

    you could always knuckle down and give 100%
  14. I was posted to ITC catterick for 2 years I never seen or heard of a recruit getting binned for dental problems as to your fitness your not the first and certainly wont be the last recruit to be flapping over not being fit enough. The fitness training is progressive so yes the runs get longer and faster and you carry more as you go through Training but in turn you will get fitter.

    All the best Enjoy!!!!