First day goings on?

Following on from another thread, the subject of how you were welcomed into your first working unit when leaving training.

In my case there were 2 of us who tipped up on the same day. Now the Regt was out on exercise at the time and all that was left was the normal mix of sick lame and lazy.

So we did all the reporting to various offices and departments and got given a room in transit accom for the rest of the week.

19:00 comes and there is a loud knocking on the door. A couple of the guys from what was to become our Sqn had decided to take the Nigs out for a beer, we had no part in this decision you understand.

So we got introduced to the pigs bar in the Naafi and beer at 1Dm a pint, then shots at 50Pfgs a go.

Sometime later we ended up downtown in a variety of bars until silly o'clock in the morning. Now I have to be fair to the guys who took us they were very careful not to let us Nigs out of their sight nearly all night, especially when the beer mat needed paying for :)

We ended up back in camp in the transit block finishing off a couple of yellow handbags, at which time by brain decided it was time to knock off. I was awoken sometime later by a rythmic squeaking as my fellow Nig introduced himself to the local camp bike. Apparently she won 75Dm as the first to try out the "fresh meat".

That was my introduction to life in a working unit. No vomiting or swamping involved at this stage :)

I am sure there are some much more advanced stories out there.
First day in BAOR I discovered some new German words, Shutzenfest, Warsteiner and Krankenhaus, I was also acquainted with some English ones.......stomach and pump. :oops: :oops: :oops:

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