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Okay so im bored at work, but seeing we have threads on JLR and threads on our time in our Regiments, i was wondering if you can remember what it was like the first day you joined your Regiment after the Hitler Youth or Council Catterick.

I can remember being greeted at the Guard room in Woofers by 'Red Fred' and taken to our room, were the 3 of us nigs were put, it was a night the squadron bar had a do on, and how all 3 of us sat in the room listening to blokes shouting and screaming, passing a guy passed out against the radiator in the corrider, and wondering what was going to happen to us all.

I dont think we slept that night,certainly different to what we had come from. In the morning it was all eyes on us, everyone seemed about 10 years older and wilder.

Oh well back to grindstone,more later
I managed to call the LCoH on the desk at the guardroom Staff.....arghhhh (bovvi boy) After I had received the relevant rank briefing I was told to Feck off down town and buy a suit as we were not allowed out of camp in anything less. So we trucked off down into Windsor and purchased our suits but strayed across the bridge into Eton. Everything was okay until we turned this one corner then I thought I had gone back 200 years in time. Everywhere for the eye to see there were these boys dressed like bloomin penguins milling about the place like they didn't know how daft they looked. Little did I realise these boys were some of my future troop leaders or I might have stolen a car and.... well you can guess.


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I just remember being shown into the café of Badger Sqn 2RTR. I am glad my coveralls were baggy as I seem to remember physically shaking in my boots. I think I was then sent to the Tool Store for a long wait...


Big Vince met me at Tidders in 1979 and I remember thinking - what a nice guy for a Provost Sgt (turns out he hated locking people up). The I was taken to the bedding stores and Daz shuffled over in his carpet slippers. As he was a cpl I slammed the foot in and put him and the rest of the stores on the floor in fits.

Then they decided I was not of their world and sent me to C Sqn over at Harman Lines :D
I slept with one eye open all my 1st night after a sugestion that I might get a 'visit' ! I was only 17 at the time!! Oh, the good old days :thumright:


Hmm, arrived at around 18:00 hrs and was taken to A Sqn office in Fally, it was a hive of activity...It soon became apparent that not only did I have to get my bedding etc for the night but also sign out all the other shed loads of kit I would need for a 3 week exercise starting the next morning!!!! Talk about dropped right in it!!! We were on Chiefys and I was to be the Loader on 11A......dont'll be ok.....and I must admit it was like nothing I had even dreamt about. The guys in the Troop looked after me really well but I paid for it when we got back to camp...having never drunk so much in my life..... Great times and great lifelong friends.

Scarletto, Bored at work? Not a Lancer surely not ??!!!****
Mate,yes bored, mind you also waiting to be made redundant, so not only bored but showing no interest at work as well :)

Dont suppose you were one of the film stars of Baskeyfield VC by any chance????????


I arrived at Allenbrooke Barracks, Paderborn early afternoon, got told where my room was , unpacked sorted stuff out, then met lads I'd trained with and was taken to Sennelager on the lash, late on we ended up in a Strip Club on the Strip, I found a DM100 Note on the stairs, 4 DM to the £ at the time. We ended up getting threw out of the club as the stripper did not want a glitter covered bottle stuck up her backside (not without some form of lube anyway), back to the City Club (Paderborn) were the Hundred Marks went on lots of beers, bratty and chips and taxi back to camp. Excellent.


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Last rft off the ferry in Belfast at the end of the Omagh tour (74 - 76). Pleasant ride on a bus via Lisburn, Lurgan, Dungannon etc and deposited in Lisanelly. Shown to a room and told to dress in combats for the CO.

Jock was in his last days as RSM and kindly allowed me to leave all the stuff I had packed in me combat jacket pockets and straightened up to me the CO.

CO told me I was going to B Sqn, which was handy cos I had been shown to a B Sqn room, then sent to meet the Sqn Ldr, who sent me to 4 Tp, which was also handy cos the room was full of 4 Tp.

Sat chatting to a couple of blokes when a Corporal walked in. I didn't exactly stamp, but I stood up, and oh how they all larfed. "Rarfy wants to see you in the next room." SSgt Rarfy being me Tp Ldr. I went next door.

The lockers were arranged to split the room. Nee sign of Rarfy, so I asked one of the guys, "Where's Rarfy like?" A voice from the other side of the lockers announced, "He's round here, and it's STAFF SERGEANT Rarfy to you." I couldn't win.

"Yer meant to be confined to camp until yer've done yer NIRTT Course, but all the drivers have gone to Tidworth to retrain on CVR(T) and we're short-staffed (which I found amusing cos SSgt Rarfy couldn't have been more than 5'7"), so yer out on VCPs the neet.

Went out on VCPs. Drove into a location and leapt out. Clocked a pair of bodies in the shadows oppsite, watching while the section fought to get all the kit out. I tried to tell them, "Yer knar there's a pair of gadgies ower there, like?" but nobody listened. Oh how the OC and SSM were not impressed.

Moved to another location out in the ooloo and set up another VCP. I was given the job of waving a Bardic to get drivers to slow into the VCP. We saw nobody. End of VCP we got called in. I slung me brand new (just spent an hour degreasing and prepping) SLR, complete with sexy light wood furniture, on me shoulder and there was an almighty clang and clatter as the end fell off the mag under the pressure of the spring and twenty rounds went all ower the rerd. Section came running, thinking I'd been kidnapped on me first night in theatre, only to find me picking up rounds.

Got back to camp, straight into the cookhouse where I had me first ever egg banjo (and yes, I ended up holding in me left hand, away from me body, while thrashing at the yolk down me front with a banjo action), then down to the NAAFI where I was to drink myself into oblivion.

I had thought I was an alcoholic but discovered to my horror that these fine men had taken the art of downing cans of Brown Dog to a new level. I was amused by the pyramid of empty cans completely covering every table until somebody got fed up and launched a can at the pyramid on the next table.

I was convinced I was going to die of alcohol poisoning until I discovered that, lagging behind as badly as I was, I could get about a dozen cans into the pockets all ower me combats and simply walk out to the bogs and dispose of them.

What a great day.


arrived in fallingbostel early morning in october and getting show around the camp by the provo cpl at the time scared the shit out of me met my ssm and nearly fell for the old note and shovel to rsm but i knew it was coming (got warned off) i even got bolocked for calling lcpls by there rank met a few lads i knew and ended up in akas oh **** do i regret it half a pint of aftershock held in mouth for 2 mins then chased by 4 budweiser then got dragged off down to the pink house for a night of passion with a 49 yr old german woman i still have nightmares now

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