'First Class Private' badge?

Maybe someone can help me with this query.
As a resident of Bury, Lancs and ex-army (though not a Fusilier), I attended the Lee Rigby funeral service 'throng' last Friday.
Firstly, I want to say the event made me proud to be a Bury lad. The town (being historically the Lancashire Fusiliers' Garrison Town') did him proud as did his unit.

The query is that I met a serving soldier there from the PWRR whom I have no reason to doubt was the genine article. He was wearing (on No 2 Dress) a badge I'd never come across before. Worn on the lower right sleeve it depicted a bayonet (point upwards) above a laurel wreath. My initial thoughts were it was some sort of 'skill-at-arms' qualification but when I asked the lad, he said it was a 'First Class Private' badge.

Has anyone come across this? Is it a new qualification? Is it unique to the PWRR? I certainly didn't see any Fusiliers wearing it and haven't been able to find anything on Google.

Many thanks


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Class 1 Infantry soldier. There's no such rank as PFC in the British Army.


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Is this invasion of the jobs forum a bid for Lebensraum by the Waltenkommando?

If it helps, he's clearly a walt. The dodgy colonel in Hong Kong is a walt. The ex-Special Forces loggie's a walt too.

Please make it stop.
Thanks chaps; that's the badge (though looks from the colours maybe a 'Rifles' version of it). To be fair, as I'd had a drink, "Class 1 infantry soldier" is what the lad might have said.
By the way, sorry for posting in the wrong part of the forum; I'm new here; I'll get used to it!
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