First Car or First Girlfriend

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brucewillis, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. First Girlfriend

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  2. First Car

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  3. First Moped

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  1. So which went best (probably get wrong for demeaning cars). And why?
  2. First girlfriend - like a belt fed mortar!
  3. First car. Much better ride than the first lass
  4. k13eod

    k13eod LE

    It was a battered old heap with a sagging chassis and p!ss poor ride quality.

    My first car was far better. :D
  5. allyjs

    allyjs War Hero

    Getting some of the good stuff off first girlfriend in the first car :1:

    Good drills?
  6. TPR_C_Hunt

    TPR_C_Hunt Old-Salt

    Got to be first car, at least I had half a clue what I was doing with it.
  7. First car

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  8. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow

    Even when I was a kid, the best cars for a bit of slap and tickle were the family cars.

    Forget anything with a gear stick in the centre of the floor - get the bench seat job with a column change.

    Hello darling !
  9. My first girlfriend

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  10. Brandt

    Brandt Guest

    First car: beige Cortina. Got it to 120 on the motorway. Superb.

    First girl ginger munter.
  11. cardiffstudent

    cardiffstudent Swinger

    First car cost too much for what it was-a heap of shit.
    First girlfriend cost too much for what she was-a heap of shit.
  12. Chuzu

    Chuzu LE

    First GF she got me from a to b from ooh to aah and all for 2 cans of white lightning. My first car could barely go in a straight line

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  14. I paid more for my 1st girlfriend than I did for my car but the car lasted a lot longer.
  15. Devil_Dog

    Devil_Dog Crow

    I lost my virginity in both.