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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gunner88, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. How many days do you have to have attended for your first bounty?

    Some in our unit seem to think it may be more than your normal 27.
    I know usually the weekends and CMS(R) would cover it but wasn't the case given the overlap of the paid year.

  2. standby for incoming....
  3. To qualify for your bounty you must have completed and passed all MATTs, did your two week annual camp or an authorised course in lieu and have fulfilled your minimum commitment of 27 days a year if national TA, 19 days a year if regional.
  4. All matts etc up to date, just the days was an issue. Senior staff 'weren't sure' if more days were required for first bounty to account for training or something of the like.

    As for the incoming, I have been reading on here for long enough to know what sort of responses to expect, I am amazed to have a useful answer in under two pages!

    Jokes aside, thanks for clearing that up.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Log on to armynet and search for TA Regulations.
  6. Ask your PSI!
  7. Far too slow on the uptake!!!
  8. Okay, thanks for that...

    MSR - Am I looking at JSP 754: Paragraph 04.0517 (a) where it states: " . . . TA are required to complete 12 days training in addition to . . .15 days . . . as a minimum for full Bounty qualification."

    It makes no differentiation for soldiers qualifying for their first year bounty? So do I take that, as it is 27 days for all personnel in Regional TA Units?
  9. You should have been told this all on your Induction at TA Selection
  10. Your probably right, we should be given gas masks that are not older than we are to go to CMS(R).
    The question isn't overly hard, and I did my own research on it, I just wanted clarity.

    I am not going to reply with the attitude that some of the replies are fishing for and handbags etc. Cheers lads.
  11. Why are you panicking about Bounty now, when you've still got 3 1/2 months to get the required number of days in? If you're a recruit then i'm pretty sure that from March your training weekends at the RTC and the CMS(R) 2 weeker will bring you up to around 27 days?

    If your unit lets you attend drill nights, i'm aware that some units don't have recruits parading until they're fully trained, then the 1/4 days should top up the difference, as long as they're paid.

    It really does depend on your individual circumstances, best thing to do is to ask your Troop Commander or Recruiting Officer, and ask them for a chat with the Admin Office.
  12. I'm not a recruit. And as stated as the weekends and CMS(r) fell is different paid years that wasn't the case.

    No panic whatsoever, just a simple question. I will make the 27 easily but was just ensuring these were the required amount.
  13. So you're bounty hunting then?
  14. Clearly your a cock and still looking for handbags. You base your assumption on a question? I just wanted to know the answer to a simple question?

    If by 'bounty hunter' you mean war dodger... Far from it. The question was from a wise individual that needs to keep on top of his finances.
  15. Just to clarify, it's 27 days for Independent (i.e. locally-recruited), 19 days for Specialist (i.e. Nationally-recruited/Sponsored), but they may have to include specific days as directed by your CO. So some days may not be bounty-qualifying - you can't fill up the total with AT, for example (unless it's been OKed by the CO). The CO has quite a lot of leeway - make friends with him. (You'll recognise him - majors scurry about opening doors for him and make him cups of tea).