First Blood

My 10-month-old cat, Boots, has just made his first kill: a gecko that had been quite happily living on my ceiling for a few days. It must have lost its footing as I heard a small splat, then Boots launched himself in that direction with a deep growl & by the time I got there, all I could see was a tail sticking out of his mouth! :? He legged it under the table, downed it in a oner, then returned to the scene of the crime to lick the floor & try to climb up the wall where he'd first seen his victim! Typical bloke, he's now strutting around as if he has the biggest balls on the planet (despite having had them chopped off several months ago :roll: ), lip-smacking & growling at the walls & ceiling! I feel bad for the gecko, as I do like them, but strangely proud of my cool little killer!

Edited for dodgy spelling & sentence structure :oops: Must sleep more…
It has the taste for blood now Dozy, so I would lock your bedroom door at night from now on, especially when it is that time of the month :wink:
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