First bloke on the moon, no more.

Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon, is reported dead at the age of 82.

I wonder if we'll be back before they all go?

Rest easy fella.


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I remember watching a very grainy black & white tv program showing the walk.

Gods I'm old.

RIP Sen Armstrong.
Nothing on the beeb about this yet - do you think sky is sure?

Edit - On the bbc as well now


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Just read his Wiki page, bloke was lucky to have lived this long, seems he had quite a nack for crashing planes.

RIP Space matelot.
I remember listening to the transmission from the moon landing on a radio under my blanket in boarding school all those years ago. One of those memories that stay with you forever.
Rip its a shame we never went back.
Even more a shame the uk goverment gave up a decent rocket:(
One of them is cut up in the science mueseum Bastards! Only country ever to give up on space.
It's my earliest memory - I was 3 years old and my dad got me out of bed to watch it happening (it was very late evening in the UK).
I know, something like 12 seconds of fuel left when landing - so nearly a disaster.
One week of your life when you were 39 can't be the sum total of your life I suppose, a lot of the Apollo program guys made very profound life changes afterwards.

Some found god, one became a hippy new age guru of some description, Armstrong went on to teach, all still looking for answers in some way or other.
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