:: First Baby Photo Kai Rooney ::

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Killaloe, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. ARRSE has beat Hello or OK to Wayne & Coleens first born :D

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  2. Quality Killaloe, pure quality.
  3. Hahaha! Gleaming!
  5. Thankyou. Happy start to the day.
  6. Awe luvleeeee :lol:
  7. thought it was gonna be a picture of a baby shrek :p
  8. Start the day with a laugh, thanks killaloe
  9. Wouldn't it look something like this?

  10. Kai is the Maori word for food, is Coleen admitting she should have perhaps swallowed that night instead of letting shrek chuck his muck up her? Or are they getting all posh, jealous of names like "Brooklin" or "Paris" for where the baby was conceived, is it really an upmarket way of saying "burger king?"
  11. Mong.
  12. Absolutely brilliant have not stopped laughing.
  13. Brilliant. But what a stupid name, Kai Rooney. It sounds like a tropical fruit drink from Australia/New Zealand.
    "G'day, drink Kai Rooney. It makes ya piss green."

    I wonder if it's too greeny for crows.

    Edited numerous times for Shreck like spelling.
  14. Crikey! Looks like an ideal candidate for the Int Corps! :twisted:
  15. Quality