First Arsser with this calibre?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by ugly, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  2. Sweet as. Wish the bride would allow another in the cabinet but I am pushing my luck with what I have now.
  3. She looks dandy. I presume you are cooking your own ammo? What are you expecting out of her?
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No idea, its Claypigs baby and he is providing some factory fodder to get the ball rolling!
  5. I remember the early talk about this one and it's good to see the finished product plus know the basics have gone to a good home
  6. Wasn't this mooted as a military calibre?
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yes rhe only problem is the AR platform as usual, its alleged that the Grendel and the 30 AR can't reach their full potential in the Ar scaled for 5.56. That said the LMT and AR10 manage with .308 ok!
    However the Grendel can feed out of unmodified AR mags and is Deer legal so trumps the 5.56 and 7.62 X39.
  8. Ok what am I expecting from this calibre, I hope a light efficient, accurate deer and fox rifle is the short answer.

    That said if you research this round please remember the figures for the most part are for the AR style applications as specified by Alexander Arms (AA). This is the guy who with the help of Lapua developed this cartridge. AA has specified in the sammi specs that the pressure is kept to a maximum of 50,000 psi. With this in mind the figures for the only factory load we can buy in this country at the moment (Hornady a-max 123 grn bc 0.510) is;

    From a 19.5” barrel 2565fps at the muzzle and at 1000y 1270fps
    From a 24” barrel 2620fps at the muzzle and at 1000y 1300fps

    In its sammi spec, as a rough guide it is between 200 and 300 fps down (projectile for projectile) on the more common 6.5x55.

    I have seen several write ups on bolt action conversions (as far as I know no one makes a commercial one) that suggest the potential of the cartridge is not being used while keeping the loading to sammi specs. It is suggested that the pressure could be upped to 60,000 psi while still being safe (none of the worries about braking the locking lugs etc from the bolt).

    Projectiles are very common, it being 6.5 the max amount of powder is about 30grn.

    Ok so my aim is to develop a load for this cartridge I can use on deer and fox (no I will not use the a-max on anything larger than fox) as it’s a slower than the 6.5x55 I will be looking at 130grn max. I have recipies for several projectiles up to that weight.

    The bolt in the CZ 527 is very strong so if I wished to try to get to 60,000 I have no worries that it would be strong enough.
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  9. Silly question I'm sure, but what is a "moderator"? Similar to a silencer?
  10. The same thing.
  11. Nice enough Gat the CZ, had one for a while, but ballistically 6.5 Grendel doesn't seem to offer anything, apart from higher munition costs, that isn't currently available in older intermediate rounds. 6.5 Swede etc. I certainly wouldn't trade my cherished BSA 7 x 64 in for one!

    It's interesting to see how the ballistic wheel gets turned regularly to try and fluff up sales. .280 British would interest me more, if it was a viable, i.e. commercially readily available, round.
  12. I am very aware there are other/older 6.5 offerings, that was not why I got the rifle made. I like the unusuall caliber (I still stalk with the .303) which will get the job done just as well, when everyone seems to be on a power trip.

    Its ballistics are very close to the .280 British. Yes I would rather had one of those as well (ask ugly he must be very bored by my constaint bleating on that subject).
  13. Yes, but some get a bit snotty about the term "silencer" as you "can't silence a supersonic projectile", but basically it is a silencer for a rifle.
  14. I have a .303 as well, an SMLE No IV Mk 1(T) used solely for German Ordnanz competition. Target rounds are easy to come by, but not suitable hunting rounds.

    When I consider buying a rifle, ammo availability is one of my first considerations. If I can't saunter into any gun shop and walk out with what I want, then forget it.

    There are some beautiful and historic rifles here going for a song, simply because there's no ammo off the shelf.

    I'm no fan of reloads, my uncle lost two fingers through a commercial reload.
  15. Each to their own.

    Hows the bride of the un-dead?