First army Interview at ARC. I need some help!

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I have my first army interview tomorrow. I'm looking into joining the royal welsh 2nd battalion armoured infantry. This is how much I know of them, they're based up at tidworth, wiltshire. My CIC will take place up at ITC Catterick. 26 weeks, combined phase 1 and 2 training. Phase 1 - Basics of soldiering (I presume everyone takes this regarding whatever career paths they have taken). Phase 2 - Specifics of soldiering. This is where I will be taught the specifics of joining the royal welsh 2nd battalion.
My other two career choices are;

Royal Artillery Gunner +
Queen Dragoon Guards.
-- Any Basic information on these two will be greatly appreciated! Providing the information will help me in my interview of course (; --

Some other things I'm a bit hefty of are questions such as;
What do you know about the army's terms of service?
Why is there discipline in the army or why do you want to join the royal welsh 2nd battalion?

All the information I gather on these points will greatly improve my chance of passing the interview tomorrow. Thank you all,

The idea is you research the answers! if you have a good dig about this forum, the army website and the army FB page you will find all the answers you need. Have a read of the stickies at the top of the forum and the thread "where you in your application process" Good luck with the interview - Disco
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