First and Only Airsoft Videos

Saw this ad at the back of Stuff gadget magazine-Go to the video section for a good laugh at the footage,these guys must spend quite a bit on gear,weapons etc.I thought some paintballers were a bit ott.
First and Only Airsoft
Looks a hoot! :roll:

Isn't that Gordon Brown on the far right with the green jacket and black trousers?
Does this really belong on the Walt finding thread. I don't really give a fuck if civvies want to play at zombies and shoot at each other with airsoft guns. I didn't see anyone dressed in any military uniform with any insignia showing claiming to be ex SF. Was anyone wearing medals they weren't entitled to.
Was anyone trying to defraud money from military charities or set up a bogus PTSD helpline.
The one with 'Odin' on his sweatshirt may well be walting as a Norse Deity.

But they are all genuine mongs.
You'd have to be to willingly dress up like a fucking zombie and get hit by those wee BB's without being able to shoot the cunts back. Those wee bastards sting.

Then again I was nearly naked last time I got hit by one, I suppose the XXXXL Tshirts they wear provide a bit of cushioning.
Only put it up on this thread as it could be a breeding ground for potential Walts if not a few suspected ones hiding in the "ranks".


I know everyone slates airsofters, but we tried it in NI for a day out. I was surprised how accurate the weapons were over distance. Far better than paintballing.


I really don't understand what peoples fascination is with branding anyone who dares take part in airsoft game as a walt, it's not like they're cutting around in medals trying to scam people into donating money to "charity".
As an airsofter (that YTvid I liked is one of mine) I can understand why it's viewed with some derision.

You get a broad spectrum of players, the ones that turn up in reeboks, jeans and a hoody and sprint about like lunatics hosing the place down, the guys in the middle who've been playing for a few years, dropped some cash and use what works for them...and then you've got the ones that have to have the right colour NTX buckles to perfect their Navy SEALs loadout, fill dummy SAPI plates with sand for the real weight, learn a million redundant hand signals and try to fit as many 'real' components to their guns as possible...

I'll happily agree that it is a bit sad, in the same way it's a bit sad that some people spend time gathering prestige in Modern Warfare or spend hours building Games Workshop/Airfix models -each to their own really.

Generally it's the ones get all 'super cereal tacticool' about while wearing a camping matt stuffed Osprey at the maximum extent of it's adjustment that when given a voice do make you want to hold your head in your hands.

Ultimately, it's a laugh and takes a bit more physical ability than pressing A to mantle through a window.
Those "assault rifles" looked real enough, with ACOG sights, rail-mounted lights and so forth.

I'd be afraid to take something like that out of doors for fear a cop would see it and open up on me with the real thing.
As much as looking upon some airsofters does make me wonder how they tie their own bootlaces and that they shouldn't be trusted with a potato for fear of trying to inhale it - we have mastered the use of the gun bag/case.
Leave em alone you rotten cunts. they dont bother anybody, and as mentioned above its healthier than sitting on the xbox. plus these lads are a decent cash cow if you find yourself with excess kit.

Theres no decent walt evidence from what I see and any activity that actively encourages its members to support forces charity shouldnt be mocked (too much) its just kids having fun, and if that diverts from drugs and crime whats the problem
My thoughts exactly - great to get the kids out, running around, learn some teamwork and competitive skills.

And if you're 30 and still doing it, well it's still better than sitting behind a computer all day playing tour of duty or whatever.

I've been out on some company team building stuff running around doing this and it's way more fun than doing blindfolded trust exercises and all that hoohah....

And yes - the little bastards sting when you get hit all right. One of the instructors was showing me his G36K which could rip out 15 bb's a second at 440 feet per second. Bloody accurate too.

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