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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by nottyash, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. Yes the Pun is intended.

    I am due to complete my service and surrender my ID and Warrant Card a week on Monday.

    It has been an absolute pleasure. But as the wife has often been heard to say at the 11th hour, 'It's time to go'.

    I wish all members of the Armed Forces safe and continued service.

    I am about to swap my green uniform, for a blue one.

    Not Tesco's, but the Police Service.

    All the best.

    Exemplo Ducemus.
  2. good luck mate and welcome to the big wide real world....
  3. Remember to swear less, and don't comment on the gurlies fun bags.

    Well, not immediately.

    Ooh - and you're not allowed to call them Hogs or Splitarrses.

    Good Luck Notty and respec' on your chosen career.

    You will be taught the meaning of the word Respec' and other such useful phrases like "De Babylaan".

    This will be taught to you by a white chav mong wearing Burberry. :wink:
  4. Thanks Heedthebaw,

    Sounds like your on whacky backy.

  5. Ah, you said that was your last post.

    More suited to politics methinks!

    anyway, all the best and keep posting.
  6. Thanks mate, you made me smile.

    I think thats what Police Officers are nowheredays.


    Good luck to you too.
  7. nottyash, this is an open forum mate.

    Why would you not post anymore?

    You've done the time so respect is due for that at least.

    Stay on and pass on experience or knowledge that you have gained from your time in the MOB.

    If I get stopped for anything when i'm in UK can I quote your name?!
  8. Thanks for the reply, it was a figure of speech, to an extent a proud anouncement that I have stayed the course, was never meant to be my final post, was just singing through the rafters so to speak.

    I think if you said 'Nottyash' to any copper outside Liverpool, you would be sectioned.

    If you are, I'll join you. lol.
  9. My bold.

    Been done already, quite a few times.

    I think thats why i'm DV'd quite highly! :D
  10. It's clear that we have a similar sense of humour, pm me please, would love a natter.

  11. Just going to the pub first for last orders.
  12. Will you be working near the jam butty mines? :D
  13. nottyash, will do mate, just let me know when you are back on.
  14. Dont forget to refer to the "civvies" as "civvies" they dont like it, also there sense of humour is not like ours and dont appreciate, well some of them dont our sense of humour.
    And one final thought, if you have completed the 22, its only another 15 years till you get your full soon comes though........good luck from an ex corps WO2 who left in 1988.
  15. Thought you got your full pension straight away after 22?

    I stand corrected if I'm wrong.