First Aid With Pliers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by billybongo, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Some team medic skills:

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  2. Thats nothing.
    My dad used to get splinters out with a chisel when I was a kid.
  3. Amateurs.... if they had been issued with *THAT* rifle they could have used it's utility knife.

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  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    does it work better when its blunt?

    pliers are only unsterilised forceps - I've sutured using my gerber several times in the past :)
  5. There weren't any splinters, he was just whittling.
  6. Well i guess he would be cheerful as having been shot between the eyes and firstly survived, but then also could be treated with merely a pair of pliers.

    Of course i would need the full expertise of a team of surgeons, anaesthetist, with aftercare in intensive care, and a lot of pain relief, just to be careful of course.
  7. If they had a pair of hedge trimmers they could have sorted out that zit on his cheek.
  8. I once took out a molar that was giving me gyp, whilst under the influence, in front of my horrified girlfriend (now my missus) using a pair of pliers.

    ARRSERs will be delighted to know I completely fcuked it up and took out the tooth down to gum level leaving the aching, agonizing root to remind me what an utter twat I was.
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  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've just been doing a little home surgery with a cheese grater.

    I've got a rock hard patch of skin on the bottom of my foot, it's like walking with a marble in my boot. Every couple of months I give it a good old grate. It's like Parmesan. Unbelievably satisfying. Don't **** about with any of those gay pumice stones, go straight for the cheese grater.

    Don't worry, I use a separate grater for real Parmesan.

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  10. You started off all 'council estate' using a cheese grater for removal of calluses, but then you showed your posh side by stating you own 2 cheese graters and use real parmesan, a man comfortable across all the social classes.
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  11. He uses a different mallet to rid himself of his cock cheese aswell. The posh ****.
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  12. Cheese grater ! to time consuming,,,,, a good old''potato peeler'' much faster ....................

    pip pip............
  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    apparently soaking your feet in a 1:1 vinegar and listerine mix breaks down the callus so it can be scraped off. also kills fungus and stuff
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