First Aid kit (what to carry)

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. I am putting together a small first aid kit for a section. Nothing too drastic. Any serious ideas for what i could throw in there as i did my team medics course many moons ago and cant remember what gets chucked in.
    Its all going in a respirator pouch so no electric paddle machines etc!

    Serious answers pretty please!!!

    Cheers folks.
  2. Im sure you can order a pre made one via stores but i don't know the number for it, sorry
  3. Boots do a really good Emergancy First Aid Kit that doesn't break the bank but has alot of useful items such as tubes and needles and other trauma items. Hopefully never need them but its always good to have more in depth items for a group kit.
  4. Depends what sort of level your looking for. The Battlefield Casualty Drills (BCD) Aide Memoire that replaced the old BFA book lists the requirements of a section med kit as having;
    Chest Seal X2, First field Dressing X3, Tourniquet X1.
    In addition each soldier should be carrying;
    First field Dressing X2, Morphine Auto-injector.

    If you get on with your medic I would also suggest a Sam splint and some triangular bandages, disposable gloves As a team medic if you are aloud to use them then you may want to consider putting in a Guedel airway.

  5. No joy on getting an issued one. You know what the tossers are like it will turn up being an empty bag and a field dressing.
    Im being fcuked off on the chest seal front and have a dodgy old bungee as a Tourniquet.

    The list so far.

    1 ashermans chest seal
    4 FFD large
    2 FFD small
    2 Trianglugar bandage
    2 Crepe bandages
    Steri wipes and some steri fluid
    Marker ben
    Battle field casualty drill booklet!
  6. FFD's/Israeli bandages
    Tourniquets one hand application
    Crepe bandages
    triangular bandages
    Trauma shears
    oro-pharyngeal airways
    Asherman chest seals (however these have been done real time and found to be "Not ideal")

    for starters, depends what role its for, the possibilities aren't exactly endless but contents change with your situation

  7. I'm yet to see anyone flicking through a battlefield casualty drill booklet while a casualty is down.

    I'm a great believer in crepe bandages (curlex as the septics call em) you should hold at least one for every FFD you carry

    The rule should always be KISS

  8. 1 inch zinc oxide tape x 1 roll
    Sutures larger size x 2 strips
    Camera film pot full of drapolene
    sterile needles
    2 or 3 swing bin liner bags
    casevac cards

    10p for a phone call..........
  9. I have. I am a first aid mong and always will be. Try to do as much as i can in the ways of courses or training etc but the Head shed hold no interest in it. Typical!

    This is for an Operational kit for a light role section. Not for doing D of E in Southport by the way.
  10. You and the blokes going home on leave?
  11. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    Don't forget 3 condoms...

    One for carrying water in an emergency.

    One for other emergencies :lol:

    One spare :wink:
  12. I'd get down your med center, find a sensible, keen CMT (could have problems with that) have a chat.

    If you're off on ops you should have a bit of specific med beat up, I'd be trying to get all your blokes trained up.

    If your unit med center isn't training as many bodies as possible and supplying them with the required first response/self treat kits they are IMHO negligent in their duties.

    Pre Op medical preparation should not only involve getting the vaccinations up to 100%

  13. Nah mate. Southport is over the border. Kirby is the equivelent of checkpoint charlie
  14. PS no one needs to be a first aid mong.

    I have breathed a Gi-nockerpod sigh of relief on arrival at a messy incident when I see the first reponders have saved the lives and all I have to do is tidy up package and send off casualties

  15. You want a first aid kit for two eventualities:

    1. Trauma - the nasty stuff - RTAs, shrapnel, gunshot wounds. The previous posts give the steer on this.

    2. Small stuff - plasters, paracetamol, antiseptic, etc 'cos you don't want to be running to the RAP every time someone falls over. There is a vehicle FA kit (NSN unknown - try the MTWO) which should supply most of what you need.

    But what you really need is to get a medic to show you how to use the trauma stuff.