First Aid kit for a car

In preparing his car First Aid kit, has Themanwho:

  • Done the right thing - BZ!

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  • Gone a little bit OTT, but the idea is sound (you saddo).

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  • A bit scary, but erm okay... Why don't you join St Johns Ambulance?

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  • Mummy, keep the scary man away from my sore bits!

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  • One step away from a prepper's stash in the woods - get a fcuking life.

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Maybe, due to current times, some face masks and anti septic/bacteria gel
Hope this helps
If your car is anything like mine, there will be no shortage of masks or anti-bac gel until the next millennium! Although I sometimes wonder if I'll be able to fit in it after SWMBO has bought yet another pack of Christ knows what


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Under no circumstances place a casualty in your own car even if pissing down, if they then complain of neck/back pain the chances are your going to lose your roof
it happens trust me

Ha, any paramedic who can’t get a patient out of an undamaged car that they have got themselves into needs to find a new job.

That of course hasn’t prevented me from winding a few coppers up with the thought of the firewhackers ripping the roof off their new response car..
It happens! :D
Another thing, might have been mentioned already, a groundsheet/tarp, about 6 x 4 feet. something to kneel on, or a waterproof cover for a casualty. Something I always have in the car to spread out when I take stuff to the tip.


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Should have taken my own advice today - broke down with nothing on me, just my mobile so thankfully was able to call for assistance. If I'd had some spanners/screwdriver I could have got on the way again myself.