First Aid At work course.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by andy2513, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone knows of any units running first aid at work course if so could you send me details


  2. Without a doubt - best is run by an ex Bootie called, er, well I'm sure persec's not an issue: Lenny May, a top chappie. PM for details.
  3. If nothing is available locally contact your local county Army Cadet Force. They run occasional FAW courses for their instructors, often for a nominal 20-30 quid.
  4. is there no units actualy running these courses at all ? i will contact my local cadet force furryturd and see what they say but in the mean time if any one knows if there are any running i would be massively apretative.
  5. At that price I might track down my local ACF myself to do my refresher if it's that simple, although many RTC's are available as long as it's booked through CoC..
  6. If you're in the Colchester area I can put you onto a top bloke.
  7. NUCO run alot of courses. Maybe worth checking out their website.

    Thats who I done my course and instructor qual through.
  8. to be honest im tring to get the army to pay for it lol heidtheba is the instructinal / assesser qual worth it?
  9. 15 brigade RTC run a four day course over two weekends. If your in the brigade area reg or ta its free as far as i know
  10. located in the big smoke MIT but thanks for the offer anyway..
  11. where are 15 bragade based?
  12. Limited spaces available in Pirbright 04-08 Feb 13, £210 for FAW and £375 for PTTLLS and FAW which would allow you to teach it. Course run by PIP @ call Harry on 0800 1116303 for full details. Should be able to use SLC to reclaim £175 if not already used this year. Easy win before April, mention Red to guage hit rate.