First a bike now a fence

But a fence, railings or suchlike would always be there for you. An occasional lick of paint would be all that was required. Would'nt stop you going to the bowling club or lighting a Partagas 898 (varnished) either.


It might have been a ring fence.
The Cohiba VI is outstanding Smudge, a little out of my price range at the moment. I will make do with the Bolivar Belicosos and Monte No2 that are sleeping in my wee humidor as we speak. That said I have some rather cheap JL Piedra Gazadores all ready to watch that load of poofs tonight on the telly.
My humidor is a little understocked at the moment, but there are a few quality cigars in there.

That said, I am looking at popping over to Cuba next year for a couple of weeks ;)

The problem I have now, is having the time to smoke them, as I can't smoke in the pubs anymore :(
Its got to be the Cohiba Siglo II for that close up urban work, when length is not always an asset.
Smudge I can give you the details of someone, based in the UK, that can sort you out at Geneva prices if you like.
Reminds me of the old playground poem.....

In days of old when knights were bold
and ladies weren't invented
knights drilled holes in telegraph poles
and had to be contented

If it had been a chain fence would that make it BDSM?
maybe he's part of a splinter group of sex pests?

Sorry. Taxi's here. Laters
It's better than "sitting"on the fence

That's gotta hurt!
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