First 6 weekends in 9 days

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mali, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm booked to attend an RTC to complete my first 6 weekends of recruit training (phase 1 A/B?) on a 9 day intensive course.
    I'm interested in hearing comments or advice from anyone who has attended one of these (or DS)
    By the way how am I supposed to make 2 pairs of cs95 last 9 days or am I being bone and the answer is to wash them?
    Best Regards
  2. Turn them inside out to get a few more days wear out of them.
  3. i made one pair of underpants last 14 days by using the same method that StabTiffy mentioned.
  4. 9 days, 2 pairs, are you royalty ??
  5. Inside out, back to front, upside down?
  6. I did my phase one in a two week intensive course. Check my post from a little while back.

    You should have washing facilities availiable to you, and make sure you take a decent iron.
  7. Puts you under a bit of pressure and reveals a bit about you - do you move your arse and wash/iron your kit during your alloted down time, or do you get the extra sleep but look a mess on the parade ground in the morning - your call!

    It's not butlins you're booking in to it's Phase one basic training! Have fun!

    My sensible advice is to listen to the advice the staff give you, one of their top tips is work as a team and your life will be considerably easier. 4 sets of C95 are proportionally quicker to wash than one, especially when everyone is trying to do their own at the same time. Somebody else does their boots etc etc you get the picture. I'm giving away far too many secrets here!

    That's not to say you're not ultimately responsible for your own admin though!
  8. If you're at Malta Bks there are no laundry facilities or drying room on site. There may be a laundry run though at some time. Your should not get wet or dirty until the second week anyway!
  9. Thanks for all the advice.

    Obviously I have no intention of turning up to any parade in unclean or unpressed uniform, I'm certainly no admin biff.
    I might invest in a third set of cs95's though? Oh and socks.

    Other than a decent iron, are there any other items you would recommend I take?
  10. When thinking of socks, make sure you get some decent ones - Not the issues! Those "1000 mile combat socks" have served me well, but others don't get on with them.
    Take some Zinc-Oxide tape for your feet too. It could prove a lifesaver before or after a CFT.

    Don't go out and buy kit if you don't have the time or money, you will be expected to use issue kit. Though things like headtorches and your own gloves they will let you use.

    Only other things to take are some snacks to last you during it to stuff in your pockets to have a nibble at when your "hurrying up to wait" and also a big bucket of a sense of humour to scoop into when your on stag at 04:00 in the morning and its pissing it down.
  11. Get some decent gloves and a good long sleeve base layer top, Helly Hansen tops have been recommended to me. Look at this article on the Arrsepedia: Recommended kit. Take some black gaffa tape as it fixes everything. Don't go buying too much extra stuff as you'll not really need it and might not be allowed to use it.
  12. I've got a pair of those Bridgedale Trekker socks and will invest in several more pairs. I was about to but a Gerber Recon led torch, but maybe I should spend the money on a headtorch instead?

    Are the issue gloves really that bad? If so any recommendations for gloves worth purchasing.

    Thanks again

  13. Head torch is definitely a good thing - you'll find yourself with stuff in both hands quite a lot. I'd recommend you go that way rather than the Gerber. It's also worth getting a micro-size red led torch for your combat jacket (yes, you should be able to find all your kit by feel but ...)

    I don't have a problem with them (although the old NI gloves are better) but they are not really "freezing your nuts of in January" warm. Look at the recommended kit list linked above and get some cheap inner gloves.
  14. I did a nine day part B at PWOG Grantham. It's suppose to be intensive and you will have locker layouts to do and a few inspections. There you have two washing machines and tumble dryers in the block and a laundrette close by, it's just a case of sorting your admin so you get all your jobs done each night, if you want to mong it on your bed and look like a bag of shit tied up in the middle the next morning on the square it's up to you, although you may bring yourself to the attention of the DS very quickly!
    I did take baby wipes with me. They clean everything! The inside/top of your locker, the soles of your boots, bottom of mess tins, etc.
    I have heard that you get better training on the nine day than the weekend courses.
  15. I agree with Bed-Block

    The intensive courses are much better. You get switched on and stay switched on(most of the time) I've had conversations with DS and they prefer teaching the intensive courses. The students Benefit more from the discipline and routine. If it is indeed Malta Barracks then you will not have washing facilities available but a tube of travel wash to do the important undies and socks is helpful. Also if you hve a fan heater... this will aid in drying them although apparently there is a dry room but i think it disappears when you really need it.

    And take a Flug (flask/mug) One of those life adventure things or something. fill it up with a hot brew at every oppotunity and it'll always make you feel good in the cold. and it can give off a little heat too. great for storing excess water you've boiled in your mess tins :) .

    Relax and have fun. But above all LISTEN.