Firing Squad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Astatine, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. I thought they stopped shooting some time ago, late 90s I think
  2. WTF? Why would we know that? This is a British Army site, that means that we're not necessarily experts on the US penal system.

    Are you a journo or just a mentalist?
  3. If we ever get to firing squads in this country... were gonna need f*cking miniguns!!
  4. Bullets to the heart is probably more merciful than a lethal injection.
  5. Well I have had a hell of a lot on injections, and they didn't hurt anything like the bullets Ive stopped
  6. Were the injections on a cold, dark night?
  7. Astatine, you're a lunatic. Go away!
  8. What on earth are those uniforms?
  9. The Thai's still used a Machine gun for executions up to about 5 years ago.
    The condemned was tied to a T shaped post and a HK MP 5 was attached to a form of tripod behind the Condemned.
    All was lined up and the Executioner, last was was a Police Sgt Major in Corrections department, walked in and separated from the condemned by a Curtain pulled the trigger.
    The gun was set on auto.
    After they converted to lethal injection the first three to be executed, they where done as a batch lot, had problems and did not die as Cleanly.
  10. I believe that the last one was done with .30-30 Winchesters (presumably model 94).

    The Dutch used to execute by firing squad, the Germans, Swiss and French used to lop off heads, the Spanish garrotted, the Austrians and Hungarians used to hang at the post/against a wall, and a lot of the other Eastern countries used to like to shoot people in the back of the head/neck.
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Although rather messy, I suspect victims of the guillotine did not feel much.... :D

    Frickin scary though 8O
  12. The sceptics shot Gary Gilmore didnt they? but I think he requested it. I'm sure that somebody will put me right.
  13. A real guillotine execution at 4.25 here

    An experiment was done, and it is believed that a decapitated head remains conscious for up to 10 seconds after it is severed from the body.
  14. Just enough to hurt your nose then ..