Firing Position

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by RoyalEngineers, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Which is your prefered firing position, IE. the position you'd be most comfortable to fire in with confidence.

    Just down to opinion and whether you'd like to get yourself shot, a bit stupid really :oops:

    I'd say the sitting position, cause it doesn't take much effort :wink:
  2. Prone, more stable, more tactical, less strain (better shot!)
  3. Ahh the prone. It has its downsides on concrete or other hard surfices though (ouch). Too much strain on the afformentioned surfaces :wink:
  4. Agreed, but cannot recall ever firing from a concrete firing point
  5. It's obviously clear you've never been in a firefight or is your comment a joke?
  6. Nope, only with blanks though as I cannot be trusted with live rounds mate. ;)

    Still.. I respect what the infantry does day to day in real, very difficult situations at the best of times.
  7. I find the best firing position is the one which affords the most cover irrespective of comfort. I find comfort way down in the priority list when being shot at! :D
  8. DS Answer, go to the top of the class.

    Grrrrrr nails.
  9. I have one i call 'the crouching stand', hard to describe but it is effective in snap shooting. It involves... ah bollox, just try to work it out....
  10. Kneeling for me!
    Unless there is incoming...then cowering behind a wall chanting F.u.c.k..F.u.c.k.F.u.c.k.... 8O
  11. Personally, I favour "The bammer swagger"

  12. Although sometimes, the "Hanging with me homies" stance is more suitable.

  13. "Fo shizzle mofo!"

  14. Don't forget the "busta cap in yo ass"

  15. No wonder it's so easy to shoot these daft fuckers! :D