Firing foreign weapons on ranges ...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vespa, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. does anybody know of a good ranges where you can hire or have a go at some unusual weapons ie AK47, Siminovs, Uzi, HKs etc , i dont think there are any in the UK, so what about on the continent ie Spain, Cyprus etc...........
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Used to do this annually at Hythe, using the (then) NITAT weapons, but H&S seem to have buggered this up in the last few years, in that only those that have been UK proofed are allowed. If you are going on Ops, however, you can do it. Try them - they've got the lot (AKs, SKS, Garand, MP40, Bren, Luger, broom-handle Mauser, SLR, Uzi, etc., etc), with ammo, and all Free! Only drawback is you've got to do an Op tour straight afterwards, but that shouldn't be a problem for anyone keen enough to want to fire these things.
  3. so no civilian ranges then ?
  4. I have a German 22 air rifle with a Swizz made telescopic sight (try saying telescopic when piissed). Your welcome to come to me gaff and fire it out the back window at the squirrels.
  5. Give the pattern room a call, well worth a visit.

    Granted you can't fire them but they have a big bag of shooters and the staff are a bunch of clued up mothers, but not spotterish at all.

    I think it has moved from Nottingham to Leeds armouries.

    I think Sect 5 weapons, ie semi auto rifles and now pistols are pretty much banned Europe wide. Not sure where you would go to fire that sort of kit.

    I did however begin the process of elimination for you and can confirm to you that the toffee apple stall at No4 Abingdon St. Cleveleys doesn't have the facility to fire automatic weapons :D
  6. That is quite weird Mighty, because I looked in the works heating room, and there was no weapons or range. Very, very, spooky.
  7. My old mans potting shed is completely free of any weaponry and any signs of usage as a range.

    I did however find a spider and a rotting flip flop.
  8. Just returned from the staff canteen. I stood on a dinning table and shouted in a loud but firm voice 'has anyone seen any automatic weapons lying around, or indeed, seen a rifle range within the building'. No one answered. I will have a look in my garden shed when I get home.
  9. cheers guys for all your tips and jokes :wink: , looks like the only place i could shoot all sorts would be USA they worship guns there , in fact there is a town where a local by-law made it compulsory for everybody to have guns 8O
  10. vespa a little trip to forida and can fire all the autos you like...will cost ya, but the range I go to has a few to choose from Styer, M-16, MP-5, Ak-47, Uzi, etc...

    Yes we love our guns...a throw back to the days when we asked the Brits to leave :D
  11. We were going anyway, we were bored and you all stank something chronic.

    Ahhh the days of the Empire

    Has the US ever had an empire 8) 8) 8)
  12. Nope...but then again we never had an inbreed monarcy either 8O

    Only to find out that the stank was caused by your presence :D :D
  13. Just a shaven primate as leader :D :D
  14. Getting back to the interesting-hardware-on-civilian ranges bit ... I was at Bisley a month or so back out at the 1000 yard point on Stickledown and off to my left (and in front of me - brave...) there was a group from Praetorian shooting at a brick wall with some sort of fullbore rifle and at a car door with a HK MP5K. Was it automatic ? it certainly was.

    So - if you can find the hardware it looks as if the NRA will let you shoot it.
  15. There are plenty of this type of thing in Latvia. They do all in tours over a weekend and you get training and firing in with it, and travel and accomodation. It's about £400. I was offered a job there, but would you want to live in Latvia? Even if you were tooled up.

    Apparently it's very good and very professionally run. Look over Google for bodyguard training and they are the same companies that run it.