Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Run_Charlie!, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. Noisy barstewards! Like being back in Iraq I tell ya... ;)
  2. You had fireworks displays in Iraq?

    You lucky fucker, everyone else was working their swingers off whilst you sat next to a bonfire, drinking gluwein and watching catherine wheels burn.
  3. fireworks are a waste of money unless theres a projectile in front aimed at an enemy..
  4. Neighbours down the road are letting off fireworks and laughing. Lets see how they laugh in 4hrs time (when my crate is finished) and I'm lobbing thunderflashes in their garden. Yes that's right folks. I steal pyro and make false declarations at endex.
  5. good man....try masking taping a tin of beens to your thunderflash
  6. You do know that if you hand in that stuff to a responsible member of staff....
  7. Always got me that bit

    "Nothing further MAY be said"

    "May be said"?

    Balls to that then I’m going to lob it in a lake, or at my neighbours cats, either or.

    In fact, how’s about some alternate declarations,

    "I MAY have pockets full of blank and piro but I cant be arrsed to check, Sir"
  8. Exactly. Why set yourself up for a fall?!
  9. They are a feckin waste of dosh, Especially a single rocket for £15, Or worse, them big crates for £50.

    I dont mind those cheap ones so much that go for £5 or less like Black Cat thunder kings n stuff like that, Still a friggin waste of dosh.