Firework display from a chopper? Surely not?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by EX_STAB, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Dunno if he was supposed to fire them from the cab or he was just transporting them and the just went off.

    Either way, it just demonstrates that some humans shouldn't be allowed to leave the ground.

    If it was a planned airborne display, I'd love to have heard the pre flight planning and brief! 8O

    If it was the latter, just shows you that DAC isn't so anal after all.
  2. Reminds me of a time I was picked up in Al Amarah and dropped off in SLB. As we came down to land, the chaff, or flares, whatever they are, all got fired about 5 metres up from the tarmac. I heard the Pilot speaking, casually as you like, over the IC to the navigator...

    "Do you think we should report that?"
    "Probably, aye..."
  3. just WTF were they playing at???? :? look at the inside of the cab, its blazing.

    strong contender for this years darwins.
  4. Pyro, hey, gotta love it. At the 30 second point a flare ignites between the tree top and tail rotor then attacks the fan on top of the helo! That's a blue on blue.
  5. Fckin hell, can anyone shed more light on whats actually happening here?
    Looks like flares to me but maybe someone can give a professional opinion...
  6. Having read a few of the comments from the clip, it appears they are fireworks (they dont look like flares and they are not coming from flare dispensers) and the aircraft was possibly transporting them. Somehow they went off and gravity overcame the basic principals of flight.
  7. In which case the commentator is an utter cnut, for making a joke out of a tragic accident
  8. Well that goes without saying.

    Thought the clip was interesting though.
  9. I was amazed it didn't blow up when it hit the ground with all of the fire inside the helicopter!
  10. Hollywood has a lot to answer for. :roll: