Firewall Course - CCSA/CCSE or PIX and Security+

Hi Everyone

Will be leaving shortly and looking into doing a Firewall course (not sure which about doing checkpoint or Cisco yet though!) using either my ressetlement grant or ELC (I am now higher tier)

I already have CCNA and networking experiance.

I am struggling to find reputable places that run courses specifically aimed at ex-forces (so I can maximise my grant and accomodation allowance)

One place I have come accross is BluescreenIT. They are a bit far away in Plymouth though. Was looking for something more Midlands.

Can anyone reccomend anywhere else? Or are BlueScreenIT alright. I dont want to go half round the world to India either!

I know a few guys who spoke well of that Skills Gap mob, although by all accounts the course in Goa are very good, as the instructor:student ratio is often 1 to 1.

I believe the PIX stuff is moving onto ASA course (basically the same, Cisco are just rebranding).
You won't find better than BlueScreen, they may cost, but it's all hands on, everyone in the class has their own PC in front of them. Talk to Rob there if you can - he's ex army and a very good egg. B&B cost is £25/28 a night all within 5 mins from the centre.
Cheers. Will look into Skills Gap. Really dont fancy India though. Although the reviews I have read are mostly positive, by the time you add flights and decent accomodation they are not much cheaper.

I have spoken to Rob and he is getting back to me with dates. They only run CCSA/CCSE regularlly not PIX/ASA. I have a very tight schedule so just need to wait and see if they can accomodate me.

The resettlement Officer has told me that I need to complete Resettelment within 50 miles of my home now though! So I will have to use an ELC to do it at BlueScreenIT (I am Upper Tier now at least).

So may have to use my IRTC to do some distance learning I think.

I am finding it very hard to find specialist IT courses. Most places cater for entry level or MCSE/CCNA.

currently on a course in India (CCVP and MCSE)

be careful choosing what you do, would not recommend cisco unless you tell them your a field expert or have experince. but the data and security by all accounts is not bad.

Including flights and food and stuff total 5k (2 month duration including room)

UK without all the frills course only 1 month 16k

3 areas to do course

Delhi (hot hummid over crowded)
Mountains (cool and pleasnt)
Goa (sea side etc)
Did checkpoint CCSA and CCSE with DNS Arrow in London. Training was excellent, Loads of hands on and the latest kit on the desk to configure. The same instructor also runs courses in Yorkshire and Berkshire for them.
Sounds like you got a great deal Rattler! Unfortunately I only have 2 weeks at the end of May to try get a course squeezed in. I really dont fancy flying half way accross the world for a weeks course!

Will look into DNS Arrow too

The_Rattler said:
Goa (sea side etc)
Awfully bad press at the moment though I would expect - after the rape and murder of Scarlett Keeling.
Right, I have managed to find 2 suppliers in the UK that can provide Cisco PIX/ASA (£1475) or CCSA/CCSE (£1795) in the timeframe I require - using my ELC.

Neither provide accomodation/meals so I cant "sort" the course fees using subsidance to bump up my IRTC. Otherwise I could have done both! (I am poor and cant afford to contribute £1000 ish to the second course)

So I can only do one course and I am unsure which one to do now.

Can anybody in the industry advise which firewall qualification is most widely used and desired?

I am tempted to go for PIX/ASA to keep all my training cisco. Also, this is one exam for CSSP certification.
Checkpoint seems more in demand if you look at the usual IT job sites especially CCSE. Having done both I would say I've found the checkpoint course more real world applicable. My pix course was more 'to pass the exam you need to do this and that' and after four days of CLI we were shown the GUI and told that this was the best way to configure a pix box in the real world! Balls in your court put it pays not to get to vendor specific.
I tried to sort CCNP course with Bluescreen but they couldn't go firm with any dates. I suspect that they couldn't fill the course, but they didn't give any reasons. I'm currently waiting on authority for India. A mate of mine has just got the green light and will be going at the end of May.

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