Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sectiontac, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I never understood something:

    Does the word fireteam refer to the team which make supressing fire or can it be the name of the assault team too?

    I mean i would have said a section is made of 2 "teams": 1 "fire team" and 1 "assault team"...

    Could you put me in the picture about that notions?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
  2. sectiontac

    One section= two fireteams, the rest will come out in orders .
    You seem to be getting yourself bogged down in buzz word names
  3. What do you mean?

    Sorry, english is not my native language and i only want to know which words are the exact translations of words in my country...

    In fact, my question is:

    Can you say a "fireteam" for the team who make an assault or should u say assault fireteam or something like that ?
    And fireteam which make suppressing fire should be called suppress fireteam ?

    I am talking about Fire & Move.

    Sorry if my english is not perfect...
  4. Fcuk me! Are you “Bren_Gunner’s” Sock Puppet; or is there just some conspiracy to bombard the infantry forum with bone questions tonight?

    Infantry Tactical Doctrine Volume 1, The Infantry Company Group, Pamphlet No. 3, Infantry Platoon Tactics states:

    “A section comprises six riflemen and two LSW gunners, divided into two fire teams called by their call sign indicator Charlie (C) and Delta (D). The detailed organization of each fire team within the section will reflect such factors as the task and the armoured threat.”

    So any 4 (or 3) blokes is a fire team. Don’t matter what they’re actually doing.
  5. For example, if i want to form a section:

    Can i call a team supress (or something else) fireteam or should i say only fireteam ?

    How can i specify the role of a fireteam with its name ?
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  7. Charlie: Assault fire team, Delta: Fire Support fire team;


    Charlie: Work party fire team; Delta: 30 mins NTM fire team


    Charlie: area cleaning; Delta: nip down the shops and get us 20 Rothmans.

    Delta is still a fire team. They don’t suddenly become a fag team.

    Now please sod off.
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  10. sectiontac, the posters were trying to answer your question in a serious manner. The section/squad has as been described two subunits which can assault and provide suppressing fire depending on what the commander requires to defeat the enemy position.
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  15. Just to clarify my dodgy mind at the minute: A surpress team is called Charlie Surpress Team then??