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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Folks, pull up a chair by the fire and lets have a chat..

    Why should it be only the girls (if thats not a non PC thing to call them) that get the chance to chat to the boss; and who will be completely honest in open forum? What are the issues that concern the Corps at the moment? How can we fix them? What are we doing right? What are the bigger Army issues we should try to address? I'm sure NTTT will monitor this and report back.


    Can your ARRSE influence anything?
  2. Where do you want me to start..................................?
  3. DG

    At the beginning - having done some research (am I dragging up old language...oops) - a bit of reasoned argiment and discussion will be taken note of ... equally its important that the management know what is going right as all bad news isnt good for morale :)
  4. You can always tell when THE_EDITOR is back after lunch as every topic fills with a comment of his.

    Good effort! :D
  5. Yup - and right hand side complete - special medal for the ED please :)
  6. Retention.....
  7. OK CRAP - what are we doing wrong and how do we fix it - opinion ?
  8. The Corps is gapped X Majors. Why have they all left? I don't know, but has the Corps asked them all? I suspect a lot of the reasoning may be based on the 'grass is greaner' factor. What does that boil down to? Money perhaps? Once again I don't know the answer, but a retention bonus at my first pension point might make me (and a lot of others) think twice.

    The Corps needs to ID the pressure points by rank, find out why people are leaving (I presume there are already). But no amount of good natured mumbo-jumbo is going to keep people in, that will require resources. Just look what the AAC had to cough up.
  9. CRAP - you make your pints well - the trend has been analysed and there are no clear reasons - options are being looked at to improve issues and direction has been given - it my not work but I know the boss is working hard on it - all options are being considered - if you are awar of any specific issues then bring them out - I know there is a lot of work being done on this issue.

    Oh and part of the problem is the way to calculate liabilities in DMA was cocked up for a long time so we were only allowed to recruit to a number much smaller than we were actually authorised to takes 8-9 yeras to grow Majors from nothing (in good fertilizer). :)
  10. Yeah! There aren't enough pretty Corps ladies around many of the Sections. A lot seem to be deposited in Germany or never make it out of training! I saw loads of beauties... unnngghh... when I was in Quicksands last, where'd they go? Surely with the standards being set in the Sands now any lady who is unattractively challenged can get through?

    (Number of issues: here's the "PC" talked about in the recruit questions thread in the stickies and the whole training issue which I believe has been covered before as well, so don't even get me started on that!)
  11. G2 - you are grumpy today - join everyone else in a day off :)

    Breathe deeply - calm :)
  12. That isn't always a good thing.......... :wink:
  13. Ah - now you see the flaw in the whole issue...............
  14. Let me see if I can help out:

    Option 1 - Stop operating outside of DPAs (a hard one this).

    Option 2 - Recruit more (with fertilizer) or cherry pick potential transferees from E2 G2 jobs.

    Option 3 - Pay more money.

    Option 4 - Get all excited when the INT CORPS gets an uplift under FAS. But then get all concerned when its obvious to all that we can't recruit to that establishment. Go on 'fact finding' mission in order for someone to tell you what you already know.
  15. Option 1 being reviewed at the highest level !

    Option 2 - happening

    Option 3 - damn there has to be a fall guy (but being explored)

    Option 4 - there is no probs recruiting - its just FAS asked for all ranks from Lt Col down - takes time to grow them so there was a planned "black hole" but careful application of Option 2 will help with it