Discussion in 'Gunners' started by goatbagthedruid, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Having not been to the museum for 10 years and receiving the occasional brief from the RA CoC, thought I would request an update from the ARRSE Gunner community.

    I have seen that they do a fine range of branded tat!

  2. GBTD

    It's still going strong, not as many visitors as we would like, but it is getting there, there are a styrong band of volunteers helping to run it now, and even a family history team!

    I'm down there this afternoon for Coffee and Mince Pies with general Barrons!!
  3. The trouble with Firepower!, like the Rotunda before it, is it is in East London. Now there are all kinds of valid historical reasons for that but nevertheless, it is a bitch to get to it unless you live in erm...East London or at a pinch northern Kent! Having said that, the numbers didn't add up back in the late eighties for a purpose built out-of-town location. Moreover it is a really good example of a)a museum and b) a military museum. Finally, it is ours. Possibly the best museum in the British Army, standfast obviously the National Army museum and possibly Bovvy.
  4. We should consider sueing the pwc consultants that did the visitor predictions.

    In retrospect it would have been better sited in Wiltshire somewhere near the RSA.

    - Close to other tourist attractions
    - Within earshot of ythe impact area.
    - It could have offered a real unique facility as fund raising - the chance to fire a gun using real rounds. Loads of tourists turn up to see tanks do their stuff at RAC mobility days. RSA would be the only place to see guns being fired.

    However it is where it is. It is the only gunner musuem. It has lots of kit, and a big shed of stuff not yet displayed. The curator is a real expert on gunner medals and the archive contains lots of excellent material. Its only 20 mins by train from London Bridge and a 5 min walk from Woolwich Arsenal station.

  5. If anyone is considering visiting Firepower at a weekend, then please PM me, I'd be happy to give you a walk around.
  6. i believe we may be arranging a group visit (30 ish) within the next 6 months! what kind of notice should we be giving prior to the visit?
  7. A couple of weeks should be sufficient for the museum, but the earlier you can let them know the better. As I said, if it's a weekend, I'd be happy to come and help you look around.
  8. I was in there two weeks ago. Lovely place, top brew as well
  9. atmycommand

    Spoke to the Ops Manager at Firepower last night, two weeks notice is normally sufficient, but if you are looking for a full guided tour, she recommends contacting them at the earliest opportunity in order to ensure a guide is available on the day.

  10. Does the DLR stop there yet? In fact has any of the much vaunted Arsenal renovation actually happened? I was last there 2-3 yrs ago and it (the area) still looked as ropey as when I opened the museum as a YO (I was that important...) 10 years ago - i.e. that's why it's a 5 minute walk - more like fast run, with body armour through Mogadishu, like the Marines at the end of Black Hawk Down. As for the immediate surroundings, it was supposed to be all restaurants, apartment blocks, a cinema and other pulls - this regeneration would pull the visitors in. My last visit - a complicated drive through what looked like a derelict industrial estate.
  11. Django

    The site is coming along, there is now a very nice pub on site and the Firepower cafe does excellent food, the surrounding infrastructire is coming together although it is still somewhat of a building site (but not as bad as it was). Yes, the DLR does go to Woolwich now, stops alongside the Woolwich Arsenal Stn and it's only a short walk from there.

    The Museum has its own car park now, ask at the counter for access.

  12. The serving regiment is currently collating "Gunners Today" material to enable the museum to provide exhibits from 1982 upto the present day under direction of MG, ACGS, DRA and CRA 3 (UK) Div. Plan is to have exhibition opened by early summer. Regiments are also being asked to raise funds for the exhibition.


  13. DLR is how I got there a few months ago, starting from West London (tube to Bank), a very easy trip. It's not a million miles from the M25 if that's you wagon type, and its almost on the South Circular if that's how you get your jollies. Its always been easy by normal train from Waterloo.

    A brief wander in Woolwich in daylight (which is when Firepower is open) failed to reveal any hostile natives, the council does seem to be trying to tart the place up a bit (work on the market area), and the Arsenal area is now tending to upmarket. It'll never be the Champs Elysee but its Ok and improving.
  14. Petardier

    I agree, not only are the council tarting the area up, despite the stories, Woolwich has some of the politest people in London resident there, that isn't to say they are all nce, but they aren't baying for your blood as some people would have you think.

    Also, the museum are in line with the Gunners today them looking for people with operational experience 1945 to almost today to take part in an oral history project. Anyone interested in taking party, please PM me.

  15. please tell me you're kidding.......