Firepower Museum,Woolwich

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Hat20, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Last weekend-Sunday- as a birthday treat the Mrs took the family hat20 to the Firepower Museum,Woolwich.
    Being Sunday traffic was light so travel time/hassle was minimal(from Somerset) parking was FREE,choice of three carparks-all within 5mins of museum.Firepower
    Arrived 11:55hrs and preceded tour with a visit to Gunpit Cafe-clean nicely laid out with very cheap prices for food,drinks and a nice touch is the sofas for old bones to rest.
    Tea and stickies over we started the tour,entrance fee is also very reasonable.
    Well laid out,clean,informative and lots of hands-on for the young uns. Plenty of volunteers on hand,many who are ex-gunners to assist/guide people through the museum's exhibits,my lad loved the fields of fire experience!
    As expected all the exhibits were in immaculate condition and very well laid out,one old chap told my lad it takes several hours a day to clean and polish the guns to the standard they are.
    Mrs hat said she could tell the ex-gunners visiting as they were the ones stood next to a gun for ages with a faraway look on their faces as old memories came back.
    All in all a very good visit and highly recommended,we were the last to leave at 16:55hrs!!
    A big thanks to all the staff who do a fantastic job!!
    Its a must for all Gunners past and present!!!
  2. Many moons ago I was told that by giving up a days wage for the museum would result in a lifetime pass for said establishment, I was told this a second time when after my battery disbanded I was dicked AGAIN for another days wage ?

    Still no sign of this "pass"
  3. heh heh you did'nt hear them say 'cheers, easy!' after you'd signed it then?

    I signed the same thing in 1988, Gen Sir Martin Farndale was putting the plan together for the 'Rotunda', is that the same project?

    Either way, what I gave was with a good intention and it sounds like Hat20 had a good day with his family so I'm happy with that. Glad you and the family enjoyed it.
  4. Wellyhead

    All "serving" gunners are supposed to get a gold card which entitles them their spouse and children under 18 free entry to the museum. I'm not sure whether this extends to TA personnel, but IMHO it should.

    I will try and find out for you and let you know.
  5. Cheers!! swampy we certainly did :thumright:
  6. op ack

    i have been to the museum 3 times now with various members of my family that have wanted to have a look round and i can promise you that this is the first i have heard of a gold card. But you do get a discounted price if you show your MOD 90
  7. Defender

    I have been assured that all serving gunners have a Gold Card, may be that they are available from your RAO. Certainly last week (Name dropping here) whilst in conversation with General Mike Steele, he was of the opinion that all gunners got one. I will investigate further and report back.
  8. I have actually seen and been issued the free pass what you can use to get in. God knows where it is now.
  9. All

    I have checked with the Museum and the Gold Card scheme is in effect, for regular soldiers, they didn't mention TA at all, but I will chase that.

    However, it appears that distribution was left to individual units and wasn't all that effective. The response from the Senior Management regarding this matter was:

    However, we were dependent on the Regiment for distribution and sadly it was not very effective – there is a tendency therefore to allow free access if other proof of status can be provided and I guess the MOD90 serves this purpose.

    It is obvious that this hasn't perculated to all staff, I have asked for this to be rectified.

    If I can help anyone else with attendance issues, please pm me.
  10. Maybe an Article in the "Gunner" Magazine would spread the word to the wider gunner fraternity.
    Im in 16, and haven't heard of this "Gold Card Scheme"... :thumbdown:
  11. Hi Dance

    Are you back from the Falklands?

    I seem to recall there was an article in The Gunner when the first one was issued to the then Regimental Colonel (Colonel Hutchinson). However, I agree that a follow up article might be a good idea.

    I personally thought the reply from Firepower about the MOD90 "possibly" being accepted for free admittance was quite weak.

    I'll see if I can persuade someone to do an article.
  12. Chaps, been to firepower today, paid £1.30 after producing MOD 90. Very good museum. Watched the 1 RHA "fatigue" party teaching 7 year olds drill.
  13. Hi OP_ACK,
    Im due back in the "Smoke" on the 11th March.
    Job done here, onto the next task. :thumright:
  14. Gents

    I have raised the issue of the Gold Card scheme with General Steele and asked that this be promoted within the Regiment. I have asked that an article be placed in The Gunner explaining the benefits of the scheme.

    But, Hey, I am a small cog in a large organisation, so don't hold your breaths. I will keep everyone informed of the outcome.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the Museum, I will be more than happy to try and answer them, or at the least, refer them to someone who should be able to!
  15. Gentlemen, if you don't contribute to the marketing and maintenance now, there won't be anything to see in ten years time.