Firepower Demos.... Do they still do them?

Not sure if this is the right forum, but a mate at work has a ten year old lad who's army mad and would love to take his nipper off to get the earwax dislodged at a Firepower Demo or similar. He's 'done' all the military museums in the area but next would be BIG bangs, lots of kit on display moving about and banging off rounds etc.

I remember there used to be fairly regular Demos at Bulford/Salisbury Plain years ago. Are they still held and if so where can I find some info on where they might be? (It's sad when you Google 'Army Open Day' and the first hits are for the Salvation Army.)

There's the Aldershot Garrison Show in July but is there anything else that that the public can gain access to? (It would nice to see some of our MBTs moving around before they get taken away to be melted down for bike frames and paper clips...)
Not sure how impressed the little lad would be by a bunch of soldiers shouting “BANG!” to simulate the main armaments going off & football rattles for co-axes mind :wink:
My ACA once gave me a form to go to one at Salisbury, which would have been last year, or maybe the year before. Got cancelled because they were a bit busy... 'Afghanistan' or something like that.
The last one was 2 years ago at Warminster and very good it was too ! I think financials and the current operational tempo are the reasons it had been binned.



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The Land Combat Power Demonstration runs annually. It no longer includes live firing and has moved away from Battlesbury Bowl. Not sure when/where it'll be this year.
Must have moved there well before that. I remember taking part in it with my 50 cal section and that was in the mid nineties.
I was the left hand rifleman in the left-hand fire trench.....probably 1979 or 80.

2 Dart targets and 3 falling plates to hit, a week practising and being "Too F*cking slow"...and told off on the day because the targets were all down before the audience had registered where they were... Happy Daze.
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