Firepower Demo 2008

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Spanner, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. Folks, anyone know when the next firepower demo is happening on the Plain - and who to contact to get tickets (PM me if need be).


  2. Il be there seeing whats fresh, i usually end up bored at these events though.
  3. i think Its Mid October
  4. Used to be called Artillery Day, and made a pleasant diversion from dabbing Lanny suspensions with cotton waste & oil, or patching up cam nets, though I only attended one in 18 years.

    Is it open to we poor retired Bill Oddies?
  5. Spanner PM sent to you

  6. If it's not already happened yet please could someone PM me about the dates, POC etc for the next demo.

    Many thanks.
  7. I used to be one of the Armrs at Warminster. It was the bain of our lives. We were relieved when they cut it from bi-annually to just the once a year.

    You could call LWC LAD, and ask one of the Armrs there when it's on, they'll know.
  8. are civvies allowed to attend this?

    If yes; same info as OP please
  9. Not sure it was Artillery day wasn't that up at Larkhill, Firepower was alive and well in 80 when I had the dubious honour of being range Officer when IDB did it, syncronising commentary to actions was always fun. The whistle of artillery and the thump of mortars behind the bowl always got the prayers going up!
  10. Think that those are possibly two seperate things.

    The RA used, or still may do, one at Larkhill.

    And the Resident Inf Btn at Warminster used to take the lead on one at Warminster, although it was supported by RA and Air. Last one I was at I think was hosted by the Black Watch, and it was fantastic.
  11. i think they have a land warfare display that is centred around the firepower demo and it is normally held in larkhill, i remember being in the vacinity and carparks and squares getting closed and the likes....
  12. They are 2 different things. Larkhill do (did?) an artillery demo. Warminster do the firepower demo, with section attacks, Harriers, arty, CR2, 432 mounted 81mm mortars, 51mm mortar, rarden 30mm etc. They also have the Engrs from Harman lines doing a bit of combat-bulldozer stuff, and the AVRE to dropping it's ditch crossing tubes (name escapes me....fascine??). It's held at Battlesbury bowl, attacks in the foreground, and arty etc firing onto Recce ridge.