Firemen to be expelled from Union for saving lives

If any firefighters are still around perhaps they'd like to comment on the following story, summarised as follows::

"Three men were today finding out if they could remain members of the Fire Brigades Union after they rushed to the aid of a person suffering a heart attack."

Maybe you'd like to try and convince us it's all about protecting the public as well.
Interesting story. I am based quite near Grantham and the ambulance service has a good First Responder scheme and there is an excellent BASICS scheme in the area. Firemen are limited to providing the same level of assistance as First Responders.

I am with the firemen's bosses on this one. If there is such a problem, the FBU should be pushing for the Ambulance Service to be better funded, rather than trying to get Trumpton to take on their role.
i also used to live not a million miles from there, know a couple of the firefighters myself, and if its my old mate, i wouldnt have expected him to do anything less.
however, yes they should be pushing for the ambulance service to be better funded
More antiquated FBU nonsense, which has more to do with full-time firefighters having to get out of their pits to respond to cardiac arrests, than it has to do with the deployment of appliances.

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