Firemen demoted and fined for shining torch

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ukdaytona, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Breaking "blackout", tut tut, should've had red lenses on ;)
  2. What has Bliar and the new pr*t done to this country.

    Do I feel a nationwide firemen's strike coming on? If so, I would support them 100%.

    If guys want to fiddle with each other fine, but in public?
  3. there's LEGAL ones????
  4. Just you wait. under Comrade Broons new five year plan it will be compulsory with every unit having to achieve set targets.
  5. All gay sex should be illegal! Except attractive eastern european lesbians of course.
  6. Surely there is some joke about shiny helmets and big hoses here?!
  7. Given the silence from the FBU (who are prone to calling a national strike if someone is rude to a fireman) a guess there is more to this than "shining a torch."
  8. So let's get this straight, shoplift goods to the value of £149 and get a fixed penalty ticket.Draw attention to an illegal act and get fined £1000 plus a two day equality course.
    I was going to have a rant....but what's the point?
    Only in this country. :( :( :(
  9. Reading the article, I get the impression that they weren't just passing by but had gone there with the specific intention of 'queer spotting', for want of a better phrase.

    It's still a heavy handed reaction though. An Avon Fire Brigade spokesman said;

    'If the firemen had joined in it would have been handled in a much different manner. They would have been applauded for being inclusive, and possibly given a free holiday in Brighton where the brigade has its own holiday retreat. As it is, we had no alternative but to punish them severely and send them on the most patronising course we could find.'
  10. How times have changed. My first "duty" as a special constable in Preston was to crouch behind a wall with another officer, near a public convenience and note vehicle registration numbers! The "cottage" in question had a long standing reputation as a meeting place for friends of Dorothy.

    Now of course I suspect police officers would be stationed at the door to ensure peaceful enjoyment of buggery, undisturbed by homophobic elements in society.
  11. Of course these same Fire depts and their righteous indignation would NEVER have their membership get all oiled up and stripped down to their boots and hoses to pose for a charity calendar - would they?
  12. Oh Lord! I started to reread the article to find this quote.
    Reel him in boys he's taken the hook :oops:
  13. It doesn't really matter what the lads of the Fire Service did, the powers that be are willfully ignoring the bottom line here, (pun there somewhere), these people were engaged in illegal activity so too bad.

    If it had been a bunch of male/females at it, still an indecent act and perhaps being lit up and likely shouted at is the risk you take and price to pay when you go a shaggin' in the open. Agreed, its maybe not a great idea for people in uniform to do this though... :roll:

    This PC crap has gone way too far at the expense of common sense. Nothing to do with abusing homosexuals, or being homophobic. There are obviously loads of homosexuals in the world and I'm sure most of them manage to find somewhere out of the public eye the same as the rest of the population do.

    Severe fines, demotions and loss of pay plus suspension, (hope it was Summer :) ), way over the top! :evil: If the firemen were being stupid and over the top, a verbal or written warning, even loss of a days pay at worse would have sufficed for bringing the service into disrepute.... Oh and then the Old Bill nicking the complainants for doing the biz in public. Of course that wouldn't happen though... :roll:

    This is a complete load of bollox. People in general, but more importantly, kids and female family members have to bypass places where overt sexual acts and assaults/drug taking/robberies are prevalent and if its illegal, it should be dealt by the police. If those involved complain, they should suffer the circumstances.

    If its one of these anonymous, or third party type complaints, thats hardly a just way to deal with the punishment. The fire bosses are complete mongs. What utter, utter shite!!!
  14. That's a slightly different scenario from the one described here, one being legal and one being illegal, but hey! ;)