Firemen attacked after being lured to a bonfire

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Recce19, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Fcuk me, I knew they were attacked but didn't realise it was such a high number. Maybe these sh*ts should be made to search burning buildings instead of risking the lives of firemen.
  2. The answer to this is,

    (1) Armed police being summoned.

    (2) Warning to disperse within a short specified timeframe or said police will open fire.

    (3) Failure to disperse within specified timeframe-police open fire,initially over their heads,then into them.

    End of story.
  3. **** off capacitor linked to hose instant liquid taser
    or just use a water cannon
  4. Manchester innit?. I would be deeply satisfied to watch many of my 'neighbours' perish in a blaze, or crash on their illegal motorcycles, or shoot themselves with their firearms, or get run over whilst car-jacking.

    I (surreptitiously) offered Putin the use of Manchester as a test ground for nuclear weapons, but he was not sure that he could protect his guys deployed here.

  5. Refer to the thread on penal battalions.
  6. I cannot see any legal reason why the Trumpton couldn't just turn the high pressure hoses on the little shits.

    Common law allows everyone the reasonable and proportionate use of force in self defence!

    Just takes a little thinking outside the box doesn't it?
  7. I just can't understand the reasoning behind the attacks, oh thats right they must be 'bored' and the community is to blame, ya ya.

    Really though this has to be dealt with in a different manner, especially if it quotes 40 attacks a week.

    To the above post, I think I read a news article about that happening, I'll try find it... I believe *don't hold me to it* someone .was approaching them and looked as if he was going to attack and they turned it on him.

    Got it;
  8. I wonder what would have happened to them if they had thrown bricks at soldiers in Green Goddesses during the fireman strike?
  9. The ywould probably gone home bored of waiting for the good old goddess. ;)
  10. So the firemen should have said you lit it, you put it out, then used the bodies to smother the flames.
  11. i'm all for turning the hp hoses on them...after all they WERE carrying burning debris, which would SURELY be a risk to surrounding areas, therefore the firemen were really duty bound to turn the hoses on them....til they drowned!! 8)
  12. Sometimes, when I see stories like that I wish there was a real way of dealing with these Untermensch. I was your typical pain in the arrse teenager but never even considered behaving like that. Methinks the liberal limp-wristed brigade have had their chance and should now go back to wearing sandals and singing "Kum By Yah"!!! These little shiters need a seriously long and sustained beating with a quoit, by a very big barsteward.

    stab (a tad irritated in case you hadn't noticed)
  13. Allow Trumpton to set up there own "Force Protection" units; big, ugly b@stards who will not be trained as firemen but who WILL be trained - and have the legal authority - to kick seven shades of sh1te out of any scumbags who attack firemen.

    Sorry; of course I ment to say: will be trained and have the legal authority to arrest any scumbags USING MINIMUM FORCE!

    Honest! :twisted:
  14. Forget punishments for the sub-human filth, born of carnal knowledge between two consenting items, in some cases, of brain-dead, sub-human detritus, they are the 'chosen ones'.

    We, the law abiding, tax-paying, war-fighting, normal, home-owning, employed, Council-Tax paying, and soon to be minority in Bliar's Britain, - we are the guilty ones!

    We will be punished. Oh! Yes!

    As we have been 'punished' and legislated against since the grinning spiv Bliar came to power, I doubt we shall notice any difference.
  15. In the good old days firemen were recruited from the ranks of ex-soldiers, joiners, car mechanics, builders etc. Those guys wouldn`t have taken any nonsense from anyone, especially as a fire appliance is full of handy bits of metal bar, axes, etc.

    These days when they are mainly college boys, girls and the pc brigade with no height or strength tests to pass on entry then they are easy meat for the chavs.

    Let them get on with it.