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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adjutant, Sep 5, 2002.

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  1. This willhappen...

    Some of you will be pleased to know that all Crabs being deployed are being issued 4 extra sets of C95 and 8 OG T-shirts!

    The well known fire-retardent qualities of this clothing aside, you can bet that Tommy Atkins will be getting absolutley no extra and will have to make do with his  smoke damaged stuff (with holes) for months afterwards.
  2. Seen four Green Goddesses on the back of some trailers heading south on the M1 yesterday.............old, green and very tired looking..........but they have got some new and natty dayglo red 'go faster' stripes........I could think of no other word than pitiful.  

    As 'crab air' have their own fire service, will they be utilising this resource or will that remain on airfield duty?  
  3. Anybody had the misfortune of having a pair of 95 trousers set alight.  Picture a mantle, ok until you knock them.  Personally I would much rather my troops wear their old temperates which will ofer considerable better protection.  In fact when on crowd-pleaser ops in the Emerald Toilet I don't think I let any of my tps wear 95 for exactly that reason.

    Also nice to know that the crabs CML is better than ours.
  4. having had the pleasure of driving a green goddess before :-[ i have to ask why does the mod insist on keeping these relics from the 1950s. when the fire service update why dont we buy there old engines,for just these times.
    Money you will say,what deos it cost to keep museum pieces on the road ,i say.
    what will it cost in lives when these relics race down the road at 30mph(10 round a corner or it will fall over)and arrive just in time to damp down the ashes.
    If its the same as the last time these things came out ,it will be like a cross between a will hay film and the key stone cops.
    If it wasnt frightening it would be hilarious-And the forces will take the brunt of the critisism again. :mad:  
  5. The armed forces can't afford new fire fighting plant, it's spent all its money on issuing the rockapes with extra CS 95
  6. Tis true - The Crabs have asked for 8 T shirts and 4 lots of CS95 and I know the guy who told the Crabs to FCUK OFF   - tee hee hee.    ;D

    By the way did you know that both the Crabs and the Skates have ordered badges to put on the back of their fire fighting kit saying 'Crab' and 'Skate' (or something similar...)
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    For once, you can't blame the MoD here.  They don't own the Green Goddesses - they were bought ni 1950  by the Home Office when we had a Civil Defence organisation, and are now owned by the 'Office of the Deputy Prime Minister', whatever that/they are.

    Big question is - why not use the nice red/dayglo ones (all called Dennis?) that Councils own.  Or does the Union own them?  
  8. They will be 'ours' after the coup anyway.... ;)
  9. Yep,  then we can take them apart remove the engines replace it with a small hamster and cut the ladders in half.

    Isn’t that what the MOD normally does with kit that works just balls it up
  10. It now appears that units currently deployed on operations and in BATUS are being recovered early to commence training for the Green Goddess Wacky Races. What on earth are all the non-Warrior inf bns doing week in week out??
  11. The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is non other than 2 Jags One Punch Prescot.

    We would have had lots of new Fire Engines but he needed the money for another Jag so his wifes hair did not get blown about in Blackpool.
  12. I have just heard that a Guards Battalion which has just returned from Bosnia has just had its Post Opporational Tour Leave cancelled, all 4 weeks of it, they are going fire fighting instead.

    Of course the chain of command will say that they will get it in the future - fat chance with NI training starting in the new year and that is hardly a sop to all the wives and girlfriends who are happily cancelling those holidays they have been looking forward to for the last six months.

    I can't wait to see the retention figures.

    Thank god I am now a civi with ZERO regrets
  13. Here's a good one I heard yesterday:

    There are units returning from six months in the Balkans and losing their POTL so that units already warned off for OP FRESCO can be released to start NI training in December.  Anyone ever spent December at NITAT??
  14. whee did the fireman's union get that spare Green Goddess from?  We'll be needing that.

    Can't help but think that the firemen are coming over as a bunch of money grabbing gits, and the squaddies as good honest blokes trying to do their best.  I've already seen on Sky News someone asking "how much do the squaddies get paid, and is it enough?"   HOORAY!

    Ch'ching!        ;)  
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