Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. I just switched over to this browser today. Does anyone else use this, and what do you think of it? So far, it seems a little slower than IE, but is considered more secure, that's why I switched.
  2. Ask your self this. Would you fcuk people you didnt know without wearing at least a blob of rubber on yer c*ck? Thats like browsing with IE. Firefox is a bit slower but there is a reason for that. It doesnt run into a website with its exposed bellend first! :wink:
  3. I've been using FF for a while. so far so good. Once in a while pages will not load and I get the message "this document is empty" (mostly here on Arrse), but the page eventually comes up.
    With IE I often had other computer problems, CPU start running at 100%, computer freezing, and various other occurences that could only be corrected with a reboot. None of that happens with FF so far.
  4. My last straw was a damn trojan that wouldn't let me shut down. Eventually had to manually unplug the computer. I like firefox so far. It's much simpler. And I can always go back to IE if something goes wrong. But so far so good.
  5. IE is like Joey Deacon trying to shag a Kenyan hooker after consuming thirty five pints of Double Diamond. Its as safe as riding a unicycle, in the outside lane, against the flow on the M40 at 1700hrs on a Friday night. I'd rather stuff me bits up a bag of depleted uranium sold in a Ukranian open air market. Basically, use IE and your knob will fall off.
  6. I have been using it for about a year - so far so good.

    I like the 'Open Link in New Tab' option - makes switching between pages a breeze and, with a bit of forethought, quicker than IE.
  7. If Microsoft knew how to programme, we'd all be using OS/2
  8. I can adjust to the speed lag. It's a small price to pay. Does anybody know if it is compatible with Norton and other anti-spyware programs? I suppose I could check that myself. Because of all the spyware I was plagued with while using IE, I had no less than FIVE anti-spyware programs, including Norton.
  9. Yank - you probably caused yourself some conflict problems running so many similar packages - cut down to the good ones - and stay away from some of 'those' sites!

    Fleshy - I don't think I am clear on your views here. Are you telling me that you have a preference for one type of browser over IE? Just curious!

    Firefox - the way forward in oh so many ways.
  10. big bag-o-w4nk... stick to IE and get yourself a decent firewall ya lunatics. been running ie for 8 years and never had any problems whatsoever.

    even when I do a full system scan there are never any problems... then again I tend not to go on all these pay as you go sites etc that will reconfigure your pooter at the drop of a pair of panties :D

    I need the speed so fook firefox I will wait till they have tweaked and tested and got it running better before I make the change lol. Nahhh to be brutally honest firefox is a good bit of kit and I have used it. I have no issue with speeds as the pages load about the same, I am just set in my ways and I like ie
  11. And we have a winner.


  12. lol excellent lol...
  13. hehehee arrse V pprune hehehehe :wink: