Firefox/Linux posting issue.

I cannot post, reply or PM from Firefox on Linux, both fully up to date.

Getting a less than ten character message in the forum, with PMs I'm being told message field is blank.

Tested on two machines with same config.

Android obviously working okay.


I'm having the same problem using Firefox 6.0 running on Windows 7.

iPhone is working though
Experiencing a similar issue on IE, Opera and Chrome all running Windows 7. BB Tapatalk is working though.

Sent from my BlackBerry 9700 using Tapatalk
I was having this issue and thought we had fallen out :)
Thank God, thought I'd been banned or something!
Hello Zero, this is 3, Radio Check, over.
Sorry about that. Not quite sure where that crept out from.
I blame Roberto. He's got an IT Degree you know.

(Just double checking).
And carry on normal jogging.
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