Firefox Internet Browsing Thingy majig...


Someone suggested to download this as it is better than Internet Explorer... I am now officially "Converted" the computer crashed with about 5 windows (Everyone of which, was, Of Course, Equally as important), me thinking all was lost then finally managed to start the computer back up and DaNAAAaaaaaaaaa a big message from Firefox comes up asking me if I want the windows opened thatw ere open before the crash!!! BRILLIANT!

Anyone else think this is the Machenders?


Never looked back once I got firefox. When I'm using the work PC that has Internet Explorer I'm lost - I keep going to open another tab or just type part of a url into the address window expecting it to find it like Firefox does. No search engine window either.

Only snag with Firefox is that some web pages don't work properly on it but it's very unusual to find one nowadays.
I've used Firefox for the past nine months; it beats IE hands down. It's faster and safer. I also downloaded OpenOffice after seeing it in a signature block. Equal to MS Office with the benefit that it's free.
Cheers mate you're a diamond.
Well fick mein alt aufladungen, I never knew they had FF for Mac, just for proper computers?

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