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I'm currently using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. When I try to look at certain websites, BBC for example I keep getting the message "Connection was reset". I have no problems with other sites, it's just the odd few. Suggestions?
Just had a quick look around the help desks...

Connection to server reset" usually means that your connection has been cut off from the other end:

they say it could be one of a number of reasons..

Have you altered or added any software over the last week or so?
have you upgraded to Thunderbird?

have you tryed... deleting the bookmark and finding another thread to it and try saving it again?

reading another thread - if the proxy server is microsoft there is sometimes a conflict (I wouldn't know about that but just stating what they are saying!)

Have you got a firewall running?
just have a quick look to make sure it's allowing your site access - you never know... clever little devils!!
AFAIK, the only situation in which Firefox will not work is when you try and do an MS update, which is designed to permit only IE.

There is a setting in Firefox which changes the time and/or number of attempts it makes to contact websites; could be that the BBC and your other problem websites are very slow to respond, and are tripping this time limiter. I don't have a link, but the information is in the Firefox forums.
Thanks for the advice. PC is on a wlan at home and the other PC's have no problem. Also found out that I can only watch certain films on Youtube. This has all happened in the last few days. After checking my updates, have dicovered that XP updated itself on the 9 Jan which sounds about right. So I am now going to try restoring the system to an earlier date.
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