Firefox and Chat

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Proximo, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. Folks - I just downloaded Firefox and I can't access Chat anymore.

    If there is a guru out there, could they post some useful advice, please, preferably along the lines of 'download this plugin', 'make sure this box is ticked' and so forth.

    I know I must be the only one with this problem...
  2. Did it - it was an irregularity in a .css file.
  3. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Is it something I need to fix?
  4. No mate - all sorted - I just had to remove some entries in a .css file and then play around with a QuickTime plugin - all my own fault! :)
  5. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

  6. I've been into chat on Firefox without any hiccups :)